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Tara : Photos/YouTube video of yesterday's Nonviolent Direct Action against M3

category meath | environment | news report author Wednesday March 04, 2009 14:04author by TD

Report ...

to follow.

Report to follow!

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author by TDpublication date Wed Mar 04, 2009 14:11author address author phone





author by Security Consciouspublication date Wed Mar 04, 2009 16:27author address author phone

Whoever posted up that video is a security risk. Who is he working for?

Why would anyone put a video that could be used by the pigs to identify us. At the very least he could have edited it to blur the our faces. It’s not rocket science after all.

Is there any picture of that cameraman so that I can avoid him next time I'm at Tara.

author by Mickpublication date Wed Mar 04, 2009 16:34author address author phone

Fair play lads, check out the way that gochie is staring at him in the last photo lol

author by drunken sailorpublication date Wed Mar 04, 2009 17:41author address author phone

Great job, lads and lassies. Fair play for standing up against those thugs. Just a pity that you weren't able to organize a similar strong resistance when there was actually something left to protect in the Tara`valley. I believe the Roestown site was deliberately left defenceless due to some campaign internal .quarrels.

author by thegreenspirit - privatepublication date Wed Mar 04, 2009 18:44author address author phone

Its important as the summer pushes on and the calamity that is now our country become world news that we all, in every way we can, highlight the madness and corrouption that is the M3. Well done everyone.

author by Bohemian Poetpublication date Wed Mar 04, 2009 19:06author address author phone

Well done for highlighting this issue once more and bringing the attention of the media to the plight of Irelands historical heritage under the custody of the current failing administration...
While they struggle to balance the books of economic collapse, they still have an ongoing budget for the destruction of nature....

author by 007 - Top secretpublication date Wed Mar 04, 2009 20:05author address author phone

Please Mr Security Unconsious, give us a break. The posting last week advertising this protest called for people to bring cameras. The title of this story in Indy, see above says ' Tara : Photos/YouTube video of yesterday's Nonviolent Direct Action against M3' you seem to be flying in the face of your own protest. What have you to hide, its a direct action protest. As always on such protests there is a chance you might get arrested for a minor offence such as breach of the peace which is hardly a hanging offence. I can assure you that just by being there you have already been filmed and put into the little black book of trouble makers. Accept that if you go on such protests that you will be recorded on camera. Stop playing the Secret Squirrel who has more important work that your fellow protesters. You asked in your post, 'Is there any picture of that cameraman so that I can avoid him next time I'm at Tara'. Yeh, I believe there might be, if you bothered to look at the photos above you'll see a Gentleman with a camera, I assume thats your man. Fair play to the guy with the camera, he was asked to bring a camera to the protest by the organisers and this he did. Mr Security Conscious if you feel so strong about your Privacy, please stay at home the next time there is a public protest/nonviolent direct action event. Personally I think the M3 is here to stay unfortunatly. I think the protest has run its corase. Time to move on.

author by tarapiXie - www.tarapixie.netpublication date Thu Mar 05, 2009 06:27author address author phone

Protesters' disgust at ongoing construction of M3 at time of economic recession
As Galway has a huge support network for the Tara M3 protest, a few buskathons were held to fundraise for a coach of Cultural Protecters to visit the Gabhra Valley. So on the 03/03/09, young and old turned up bright and early to catch the Tara Bus. A few showers of rain and a cold wind could not dampen the spirits as the good people of Galway converged in Eyre Square. There was plenty of time to get to know one another as the land between Galway and Tara flew past the windows. On the bus music was played, leaflets were handed out and a talk was given on Tara's history and the damage the illegal and unnecessary M3 is doing to the Gabhra Valley

Once we arrived in the valley it was decided to pay a visit to the main Eurolink and Ferrovial offices in Cooksland, just outside Dunshaughlin. Much to the dismay of the Irish nation, in a time of global financial crisis, work on the M3 is continuing. We wished to convey our absolute disgust to the co ordinators of this illegal toll-road about the blatant waste of money, the corruption, the environmental damage and the cultural vandalism. The long convoy of buses and cars departed from the Hill of Tara and pulled up outside the compound. The gates were closed as we were approaching, so we climbed under and over the fence. In flooded the tide of indignant men, women and children, wanting to know why had this travesty been allowed? Why had the love of so many generations been so affronted after all this time; its relics so lovingly woven into the landscape over previous ages and left as a reminder for our future. They are now cast aside like an embarrassment, Tara is bulldozed debris, swept under the rug of mass consumer culture. Commuters have not been informed that this double tolled road will not solve the traffic problems. Protesters demanded to see those responsible for working on this abominable road, but the only answer the ignorant thugs of SIAC Ferrovial could give us was to slam the office doors in our faces, yet again offering the people more violent thuggery. There was nothing unusual about this, it was typical of what we have seen of SIAC Ferrovial over the last few years. The most abusive, racist and violent workers on the M3 are worth naming and shaming – Mark Cleary, Marcus Hargreaves and MD Security. It is also worth noting that not one single member of the M3 staff could justify the construction of the motorway, and turned their heads away with embarrassment. Luckily some of the protesters had managed to get inside the site offices and as they went in search of the answers so many of us now demand, others stayed in support outside. The security guards and office workers reacted in the only way that they know how, scuffles broke out both inside and outside the offices. As protesters tried to calm the workers down, one of the protesters had his mobile phone stolen by security. No one was shocked, and when we were told that the phone was now in the hands of the Garda Siochana we didn't believe it for a moment. The Sargent on the site seemed to doubt the theft ever happened, and was most rude and unhelpful. So, instead we mounted a peaceful protest outside the compound to demand its return. Once more we saw the devious tactics of the SIAC Ferrovial “security advisor” at work - as construction vehicles were summoned to the compound; a pretence was made by their drivers that they could not get into the compound because of our group, thus upsetting the public in a traffic jam behind the construction vehicle. This is a tactic that protesters have seen before on the Tara M3 project, it is the form of entrapment used in July 2007 at Soldier's Hill, now the Blundelstown interchange. 7 peaceful protesters were arrested and 4 of them were imprisoned for "obstructing" the public highway even though the obstruction was in fact caused by SIAC Ferrovial vehicles refusing to take reasonable measures to keep traffic moving. Eventually the mobile phone was returned and protesters decided to leave.

Later that afternoon the convoy of buses and cars was brought up to an M3 construction site ,and, like much of this section of the M3, the road is currently being surfaced. There are many overhead bridges in place and steam rollers, tarmac machines, jeeps, vans, diggers; many huge Volvo 6 wheel dump trucks transporting stone back and forth. Construction workers were shocked to see so many concerned members of the public enter the site at this stage of construction, they hung their heads in shame. Perhaps they had mistakenly believed that objections to their disgusting road and its savage scarring of the face of Irish heritage would just fade away. But as we see, they have grievously underestimated the strength of the people's love for Tara, and the continued depth of feeling against the abominable M3 through the Tara Skryne Valley. Irish citizens and their friends from around the world felt moved to blockade the site, halting all construction work. It took a long time for the Gardai to arrive, eventually they did and ordered us to depart from the construction site.

Once back on the Hill of Tara, a guided tour was given by a fully qualified and experienced archaeologist. He explained the value of the sacred Gabhra Valley, and how Tara is not just the hill but a massive archaeological complex, one of the most unique and important in the world. It was obvious from this the M3 is doing very serious damage to Tara, the heart of Ireland.

The security men were completely dazzled by the day's events and so when we visited the National Monument in Lismullin – The Woodhenge, they became extremely frustrated and childlike. We were almost finished our job of measuring the monument by marking the circumference of The Woodhenge when Mark Cleary and Marcus Hargreaves arrived to us, without a hardhat on a construction site I would like to add!

No arrests were made on this day, we maintained a peaceful and cheerful presence amongst the violence, verbal abuse, theft and stench of corruption all around us. It is particularly galling to witness the so called Guardians of the Peace (Garda Siochana) aid the construction of this illegal motorway in every way possible, whilst ignoring the pleas of the protesters to uphold the law and end the violence and destruction of this beautiful landscape.

When the Day of Action was over, the protesters arrived back at the Tara Solidarity Vigil beside Rath Maeve for a music session. There were guitars, drums, whistles and may it be known the Tara crew are an incredibly talented group of bards and musicians alike. There is usually a crowd of people at the camp, a great atmosphere and the kettle is always on. Supporters of Tara are always welcome.

It is late in the day. Lots of damage has been done both inside and outside the Gabhra Valley. But as promised, protesters continue to bring their message of defiance and dignity to the thugs of SIAC Ferrovial and sub contractors, benefactors, supporters and suppliers alike such as:

Noel Dempsey
Dick Roche
John Gormley
Navan Shopping Centre
MD Security
Navan Hire
Wills Bros
Keating's Oil
ACS (Archaeological Consultancy Services), Drogheda
OPW (Office of Public Works)
Michael Slavin's Bookshop on Hill of Tara
Garda Siochana

We urge you all now to boycott the above list, and organise peaceful demonstrations at their premises, write letters of complaint regarding their deliberate direct contribution to the violent destruction of the ancient Tara complex. Contact details of all of these companies can be found on the internet.

We will continue to campaign for the only solution to the Tara/M3 disaster – the “Turning Point” or the”Meath MASTER (Meath Archaeological Sustainable Transport Economic Region) Plan”. Tara Protesters will not cease until the entire Tara complex is preserved.

We look forward to seeing many successful Tara Days of Action over the coming months from every corner of the world. If you feel you would like to see such a bus from your town and may like to help organise one please contact (00 353) 86 1537 146 or (00 353) 86 1758 557. See for more details.

It is never too late to show our love of Ireland's heritage, our respect for the spirit of our this sacred land.
It is never to late for Tara .

Come to Tara, Come to Tara, Come to Tara, Come to Tara, Come to Tara, Come to Tara, Come to Tara




author by SC2publication date Thu Mar 05, 2009 10:49author address author phone

I agree with Security Concious. What we see here is Breaking and Entering and those protesters are clearly identifiable. Why was this video put up? Bad publicity guys, bad. I wont be joining any protests with that camera guy/ gal around either. But support anyway!

author by Tara Tara Tarapublication date Thu Mar 05, 2009 11:57author address author phone

Irish Times, Thursday, March 5, 2009

M3 motorway 'ahead of schedule'


WORK ON the M3 motorway in Co Meath is “tracking well ahead of schedule”
and is on course to be completed ahead of its July 2010 deadline, the
National Roads Authority said yesterday.

Speaking after disturbances by protesters in the Dunshaughlin area of
the motorway, roads authority spokesman Seán O’Neill said it was time
for protesters to accept that the road was nearly finished and to end
their protest.

Pressed on a completion date for the M3, which is routed just a few
kilometres away from the Hill of Tara, the authority said it was
“hopeful”it would be finished by the end of 2009. Mr O’Neill said the
authority “can’t guarantee” early completion as this was a matter for
the contractor, the Eurolink consortium, but he said it was running in
advance of the timetable. According to Eurolink, more than 1.24 million
tonnes of “blacktop” surface was put on the road last summer, and all
structures, including bridges, are well advanced. Mr O’Neill said
protests of the kind that occurred at Dunshaughlin, when about 50 people
invaded the site, should cease. The road was “so far progressed, it is

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author by Terrypublication date Thu Mar 05, 2009 16:05author address author phone

The security men were dazzled by the day's events and we were almost finished our job before they arrived to us. Ye'll no doubt be seeing the videos from yesterday's antics but there were no videos of the 5 of us marking the circumference of the henge using lime
As any farmer and gardener knows, land needs lime because the rain leeches it out of the land, and the topsoil brought in from outside to cover the henge is also probably lacking in lime. Hopefully then, as the land begins to 'green' up, the circumference of the henge should be visibly a little greener where the lime was scattered.
It would be better if more lime were applied, especially in the breaks, there's a stronger marking outside the road take than in it.. we ran out of lime. (any volunteers to take on this one?)
Some herb or flower seeds scattered around this circumference would be another way to show everyone the perimeter of the henge...........
Perhaps there is enough interest that some people might get involved in this at their own pace, .

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author by Tara Tara Tarapublication date Thu Mar 05, 2009 16:19author address author phone

I would love to help with outlining the Henge. Do you have a date in mind? There are plenty of volunteers so just say the word :) Lovely idea Terry :)

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author by Madam Kpublication date Thu Mar 05, 2009 16:58author address author phone

“Get that out of my face or i`ll break it”
says the camera shy security guard in the video. Mind you he was rather proud of himself when he made the Irish Times May 28 2007 assaulting women on a public road while over half a dozen Garda stood by watching.
Have spoken to a number of those in the video who have no problem with being on Tape.
And why should they ,we know who he criminals are .
Well done with the video,more to come .
Well done to all who turned up for action.

Film screening comming to the hill "Screen on Tara Green" will be screening a selection of videos ,including some unseen footage, of the Tara protests since 2006.

author by francis hughespublication date Thu Mar 05, 2009 22:36author address author phone

pixie power. fair play to yee. dem security guys are brain dead slaves, feck them and their ilk.

author by Galway first timerpublication date Thu Mar 05, 2009 22:52author address author phone

It was certainly an eye opener but as a first time Galway protester i would like to thank the organisers for providing us with the opportunity to visit Tara. I'm glad i came to this protest and felt great solidarity with all the brave, noble people who travelled from all over Ireland to stand together for beautiful green Tara and her proud history. It was really empowering to know that i stood up to the corruption and the stupidity of noel dempsey and his cronies, i can tell my children with pride i did my true duty as an irish citizen and helped protect Tara and my childrens heritage and environment despite the odds. It is also empowering to know that my actions on tuesday helped raise awareness for the meath master plan, a plan whose time has come it seems to me. The attacks by MD Security and ferrovial employees who should know better has made me all the more determined to help Tara, theres still loads of monuments left in the valley that are in danger from further development and the more pressure we put on the government the more they'll think twice about attacking our culture. The lecture on tara hill as we were guided through her monuments from the archaeologist afterwards was great also, i have so much to learn about the Gabhra valley and Teamhair! They should be teaching all this stuff in school. I'll definitely be at the next one, others on the bus told me the same!

author by Margaretta D'Arcy - Galway Shell to Seapublication date Thu Mar 05, 2009 23:22author address author phone

Today, four activists, Liam, Ilise, TD and a man whose name I can't recall who participated in the Tara action kindly joined Galway Shell to Sea to publicise this Saturday's: It's a Gas Day (See link for details).

Besides renewed solidarity and committment in our common struggle, the pièce de résistance of our publicity exercise was our Snakes 'N Ladders/Heroes 'N Villains game on a 8ft by 4ft sheet of corriboard in candy colours yummy enough to eat.

For further info: contact Margaretta, or phone me: 091 565430





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author by LPpublication date Fri Mar 06, 2009 08:34author address author phone

Security guards and cops usually have cameras too (on top of whatever CCTV is around), so anyone who goes on a protest or action unmasked can be sure of having their face recorded. These protesters knew this, but aren't afraid to risk a criminal conviction for their principles. Fair play folks, well done!

author by nomoredramaspublication date Fri Mar 06, 2009 11:10author address author phone

hi guys

still spinning after the events of tuesday..... it was great, brilliant stuff from the galway crew and fair ple to those up this end that came out in the crappy of crappiest weather......

please could ya pass this on or at least subscribe to the nomoredramas channel as this would make my life a lot lot easier...


slanapixies roll on paddys day!!!!

Caption: Embedded video Youtube Video

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author by Enqpublication date Sat Mar 07, 2009 10:25author address author phone

Great video, whats the song I love it !?!

author by Tara Tara Tarapublication date Sat Mar 07, 2009 10:43author address author phone

Its from the above named double CD a Tara Fund Raising Album and the track is Gypsy from a band called Kan'Nal
It is the third track on the Yang CD and there are many more fabulous songs on it and the Yin CD too! The Album was released in December 07 .

"Profits made from the sale of the album will fund a nationwide campaign to highlight this travesty currently being perpetrated ‘in the name of progress’, and combat and clarify the confusion and disinformation which has been a feature of the debate to date. The album includes the song 'Taras Eye: (Money Mad Mile)' sung by Liam O Maonlai and written by Steve Cooney as well as contributions from Kila, Mercury Music Prize nominee Lou Rhodes, renowned harpist Laoise Kelly, Martha Tilston, Seize the Day, Carrie Tree, Kan'Nal, Nigel Mazlyn Jones, Pink Punk, Dragonsfly, Jamie Woon, Alan O'Rourke, Skylark and many others. The album consists of 45 songs in total, 28 on two cds plus another bonus seventeen track mp3 selection accessible when you play the album on a PC or laptop. Included with every album is an information leaflet with contributions from Nobel Laureate Seamus Heaney, actor Stuart Townsend and environmentalist and television presenter Duncan Stewart. The M3 motorway controversy is more than just a heritage issue. It is about how we as an island respond to the challenges and dangers posed by unsustainable development, carbon emissions and global warming caused by the underfunding of public transport and over reliance on the motor car. A pervasive theme throughout the songs on the album is that as a society we are living out of balance, imprisoned within economic models and modes of living that disconnect us from nature and put profit at the expense of environmental concerns and the democratic will of the people. Such themes are being played out in early 21st century Ireland as the government plans to toll commuters thousands each year to use the M3 and continues to ignore the 75% of Irish people surveyed by Red C Market Research who want the motorway to stay clear of Tara. In this light, the album aims to raise awareness about a viable solution to the M3 debacle that guarantees both heritage protection and sustainable transport infrastructure creation. Included in the leaflet is information on what is known as the Meath MASTER(Model Archaeological and Sustainable Economic Region) plan. The plan, created by transport expert Brain Guckian and environmentalist Tadgh Crowley, envisions land bought by the state for the motorway in the valley being used instead to create a Tara Heritage Park. Consisting of heritage and nature walks this public amenity will bring an estimated 400,000 more visitors a year to Tara, generating upwards of 75 million Euro's per annum in revenue to Meath. The plan also calls for the re-opening of the Navan railway line, expanded bus services, an upgrade of the N3 in the Tara Valley to a three lane road(known as a 2+1 road system) and the modification of the existing motorway route outside the valley to the cheaper and safer 2+1 road system. The new road would be toll-free as the modifications to the motorway would save very significantly on capital costs, which would then be used to buy out the toll contract. Significantly the provision of coach and rail services will cut C02 emissions and traffic volumes by at least one third, with up to two thirds reductions possible. The plan including road and rail construction and buy-out of the toll contract comes to an estimated 1.2 billion Euro, cheaper than the estimated 1.5 billion Euro construction cost of the M3. No re-routing of the M3 will be required nor new planning process, protecting future generations from climate change and loss of their history and heritage. ' The Mighty Gather in' is a rallying call for the Irish people to work together to protect Tara in her hour of need. Included with the album is a list of 10 things you can do to protect Tara and details of how to sign up for the mailing list where people can keep updated on the issue, share ideas and work together to protect our heritage, history and environment".

Media contacts:
Seano Braonain

Front Cover- great artwork!
Front Cover- great artwork!

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author by Tara Tara Tarapublication date Sat Mar 07, 2009 11:02author address author phone

I've been told that ph number for Seanó is obsolete but you can still obtain a copy from the website or pay a visit to the Vigil Camp for one :)

author by John Farrellypublication date Sat Mar 07, 2009 11:13author address author phone

The videos were great and its great to see people still protesting. However
in the last video there is a picture of someone standing on top of the Lia
Fail stone at Tara.
This is stupid in the extreme and the reason why so many people avoid these
protesters and protests, considering them almost as great a danger to our
heritage as the road builders themselves.
The Lia Fail stone is thousands of years old, like all stones it weakens
with age so imaging if it breaks or shatters under one of these people.
Imagine what that would do the the Tara campaigns.
Please put this message up and remind all who protest that they too have a
duty, a very special duty, to treat with care, reverence and thought that
which they are trying to protect.

author by Tara Pixiepublication date Sat Mar 07, 2009 12:39author address author phone

Personal message from Tara Pixie:


Protesters' disgust at ongoing construction of M3 at time of economic

As Galway has a huge support network for the Tara M3 protest, a few
buskathons were held to fundraise for a coach of Cultural Protecters to
visit the Gabhra Valley. So on the 03/03/09, young and old turned up
bright and early to catch the Tara Bus. A few showers of rain and a cold
wind could not dampen the spirits as the good people of Galway converged
in Eyre Square. There was plenty of time to get to know one another as
the land between Galway and Tara flew past the windows. On the bus music
was played, leaflets were handed out and a talk was given on Tara's
history and the damage the illegal and unnecessary M3 is doing to the
Gabhra Valley.


Tara Pixie

author by cheebapublication date Sat Mar 07, 2009 17:58author address author phone

...if you don't want to watch it all ... go to five minutes before the end.... great stuff...

author by cheebapublication date Sat Mar 07, 2009 18:10author address author phone

author by Tara Supporterpublication date Sun Mar 08, 2009 11:39author address author phone

The video posted by Cheeba is excellent. Pity the other one got posted first as I agree with what Sideline says above. If the Cheeba video had been posted with the excellent write up by tarapixie then the piece would have been fantastic. However even I as a Suporter of the Tara Campign cannot condone what I see in the video by TD.

author by Tara supporter 2publication date Sun Mar 08, 2009 18:57author address author phone

All above videos are same day same action, no difference.How can you object to one and not the other?
Clearly the only violence was perpertrated by Siac Ferrovial workers as usual.

author by Tara supporter 3publication date Tue Mar 10, 2009 23:49author address author phone

This road is a PPP. There is no finance in the public coffers for this project, it is now redundant.
All PPPs are now in danger ... how many projects in Ireland are PPPs.
Well done the Pixies

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