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Palestine Solidarity in Omagh

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On Saturday 3rd January, as thousands of people rallied for Palestine across Ireland, and the world, a protest was organised locally in Omagh by West Tyrone Ógra Shinn Féin.

Chairperson of Omagh District Council Martin McColgan attended the protest to demonstrate his solidarity.

The protest was held on the busy High Street, attracting positive attention from the January sales shoppers, many commenting that they where appalled by Israel’s actions in Gaza. The protesters also handed out hundreds of leaflets, urging people to support further solidarity actions.
Omagh District Council Chairperson Martin McColgan attends to show solidarity
Omagh District Council Chairperson Martin McColgan attends to show solidarity

Ógra Shinn Féin spokesperson, Aidy O’Donnell said,

“We protested today to condemn and oppose the brutal Israeli onslaught on Gaza which has cost the lives of over 400, and injured over 2000, with many of those being women and children. The bloodshed will continue to rise as Israeli soldiers enter into a ground attack.”

“Our actions in Omagh, combined with all the other solidarity events flaring up across the world are highlighting the mass of opposition that exists to Israel’s aggression, and shows the Palestine people, they are not alone in these desperate times.”

“This massacre and inhumane brutality of the Palestinian people must be ended and we would call on the International Community to act immediately against these war crimes. Local people can also play their part in exerting pressure on Israel by supporting upcoming Palestine solidarity events, and by boycotting Israeli produce.”

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