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Thursday January 01 1970

Feminist Open Forum

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If you want action

If you want to dance...

... then come and join us in creating the Feminist Open Forum

Post-feminist era

No need for feminism anymore

What did feminism ever do for us?

Is Feminism Really Necessary?

Have you heard this lately? Has it made you wonder if the time for
women-centred meetings is over? Or has it made you wonder if the time
is right to begin again...

If you want to join in real debate and discussion

If you want a space to reflect with others on where our society is


AkiDwA, Ivana Bacik, Noreen Byrne, Grainne Healy, Sinead Kennedy,
Mary McDermoTT, Elisa O'Donovan, Cathleen o'Neill, RAG, Ailbhe Smyth,
Anne Speed and others for plenty of debate on:

Thursday October 30th at 7.30pm

in Wynn's Hotel, Mid Abbey Street, Dublin.

fof is a new space for feminists to get together to share views
and experiences, to discuss current political issues, and to
strategise and plan actions for change.

fof plans to meet monthly and is open to everyone interested in
feminist politics and activism.

Fresh Perspectives, New Voices, Action

CONTACT: fof feminist open forum

Tel: 087 2055433; Email: feministopenforum@

Organised by Ailbhe Smyth and Therese Caherty

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