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Greystones Chamber and their links to the former Fianna Fail Deputy.

category wicklow | rights, freedoms and repression | news report author Friday October 24, 2008 19:39author by Mr.Peter Brady Alias. - Concerned Citizens Action Committee.

You can fool some of the people some of the time but cant fool them all the time.

This is our seventh statement.

Dear Citizens and Friends.

We are now entering into a very interesting period in irish politics.The whole establishment is falling apart because the Boom times are over in our country.When we see political infighting going on in amongst a particular party.Its a real case when thives fall out.But there is no doubt it was a very interesting week when we see one of our own politicians here in county wicklow by doing the decent thing by resigning from the party faithful on a point of principle,because he feels so strong over the elderly being denied their medical cards and rightly so which is a national scandal like so many other scandals that are unfolding before our eyes in our country.We say to the deputy you now have taken the first steps as a Concerned Citizened even though its twelve months too late for the families of the late firemen who needed your support last year.We know now as stated by you that you are sorry over this by voting with the government against retaining a full time fire service for Bray and North Wicklow.

We know at the time you were caught between the rock and the hard place in trying to keep the Greystones Chamber happy because in their own words stated on this website by its president that they fully supported you when you were cathaoirleach of Wicklow County Council in your review of the fire service for county wicklow.As you know they themselves were opposed to any such idea of a fire service for Bray,because as stated by them on this website they dont want the Greystones fire crew sacrificed for a full time fire service.We find this whole attitude coming from them to be a selfish one when the whole community could benefit in relation to a full time fire service,even though we ourselves are residents of Greystones.Serious questions need to be asked now why did the Greystones Chamber support the deputy at the time when they knew he had stated on the record that he fully supported a full time fire service for Bray and North Wicklow,when they themselves were opposed to any such idea.

So we now see the situation the deputy found himself in when you have an organisation like this who did not want a full time fire service,but at the same time supported him in his review of the fire service for county wicklow and no doubt in the general election.We are now asking the deputy because you have severed your links with your party Fianna Fail will you do the same now with the Greystones Chamber of Commerce and the other establishment parties in wicklow and come out and condemn the lack of services in the county.You have made a start regarding the medical cards for the elderly and class sizes.We are now asking you to condemn the giveaway of a public beach to facilitate developers and speculators for the construction of 341 apartments on the public foreshore at the north beach Greystones and put up a proposal forward to them that the 300 million euro's being pumped into this particular project in Greystones will go a long way in sorting out the medical card issue for the elderly over seventies for which you tended your resignation as a point of principle.

We would suggest this is one way of winning the money back for the government which you were once apart of,which was the peoples money in the first place that was given away by the banks to dodgy developers that has put the elderly and the rest of us in this crisis situation in which a few fat cats got very rich on the backs of the ordinary people.We are also calling on you as a point of principle to condemn the way the people of arklow are being treated by the county manager and his officials with the lack of clean water and no proper sewerage treatment plant for the town.We are also calling on you as a point of principle to give the children of wicklow and wexford a accident and emergency unit that is so badly needed for many years.

We will conclude by saying to you because you have now have taken this stance as a Concerned Citizened and severed your links with your party on a point of principle.We now expect you to take the fight to them regarding all the concerns of the people,and finally you have known for some time because of the vote against the fire service for Bray that your support was weakened to a point where it nearly collapsed.This was a good political move on your behalf in winning back this support which you lost.We would like to say on behalf of the Concerned Citizens we congratulate you on your departure from fianna fail and all the best for the future.

Thanking You all once again Mr.Peter Brady Chairman of the Concerned Citizens Action Committee for Bray and Greystones.

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