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Pro-Tout Stormonteer Condemned

category armagh | miscellaneous | press release author Thursday October 23, 2008 21:48author by Richard Walsh - Republican Sinn Féin

RSF have condemned Provo double-speak.

The irony of labelling people as British agents whilst openly calling on others to inform upon Republicans appears to be lost on John O’Dowd, a statement from Republican Sinn Féin said.

“It is the Provos who are the agents of British colonial rule in Ireland. They openly administer English rule from Stormont and demand support for the British forces of occupation. The remarks made by John O’Dowd on radio this morning ordering people to pass information on Republicans to the RUC, and demanding that the RUC act on the claims of touts is a sad and disgusting example of the current direction of Provo policy.

“Whilst he and his party make claims that people involved in Republican activity are paid British agents, the fact, of course, is that it is he and his party who are being paid to promote British interests and policy in Ireland.”

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