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IRSM Roll of Honour

category national | miscellaneous | news report author Tuesday July 30, 2002 12:44author by Fred Otley - deadloyalistsclub Report this post to the editors

Fallen Comrades

Irish Republican Socialist Movement Roll of Honour



Vol. Hugh Ferguson Assassinated 20 Feb 75 Co. Antrim
Vol. Danny Loughran Assassinated 6 April 75 Co. Antrim
Vol. Brendan McNammee Assassinated 6 June 75 Co. Antrim
Vol. Ronnie Trainor Assassinated 15 Dec 75 Co. Armagh
Vol. Seamus Costello Assassinated 5 Oct 77 Co. Wicklow
Vol. Colm McNutt Killed in Action 12 Dec 77 Co. Derry
Vol. Tommy Trainor Assassinated 8 March 78 Co. Armagh
Vol. Tony McClelland Killed in Action 16 Oct 79 Co. Armagh
Vol. Miriam Daly Assassinated 26 June 80 Co. Antrim
Vol. Ronnie Bunting Assassinated 15 Oct 80 Co. Antrim
Vol. Noel Little Assassinated 15 Oct 80 Co. Antrim
Vol. Jim Power Killed in Action 7 May 81 Co. Antrim
Vol. Matt McLarnon Killed in Action 12 May 81 Co. Antrim
Vol. Patsy O'Hara Died on Hunger Strike 21 May 81 Co. Derry
Vol. Kevin Lynch Died on Hunger Strike 1 Aug 81 Co. Derry
Vol. Michael Devine Died on Hunger Strike 20 Aug 81 Co. Derry
Vol. Roddy Carroll RUC Shoot-to-Kill 12 Dec 82 Co. Armagh
Vol. Seamus Grew RUC Shoot-to-Kill 12 Dec 82 Co. Armagh
Vol. Neil McMonagle Killed in Action 2 Feb 83 Co. Derry
Vol. Brendan Convery Killed in Action 13 Aug 83 Co. Derry
Vol. Gerard Mallon Killed in Action 13 Aug 83 Co. Armagh
Vol. Joe Craven Assassinated 5 Dec 83 Co. Antrim
Vol. Paul "Bonanza" McCann Killed in Action 15 June 84 Co. Antrim
Vol. John O'Reilly Assassinated 20 Jan 87 Co. Antrim
Vol. Thomas "Ta" Power Assassinated 20 Jan 87 Co. Antrim
Vol. Mickey Kearney Killed in Action 18 Feb 87 Co. Antrim
Vol. Kevin Barry Duffy Assassinated 21 March 87 Co. Armagh
Vol. Emmanuel Gargan Assassinated 21 March 87 Co. Antrim
Vol. James McPhilemy Killed in Action 10 Aug 88 Co. Tyrone
Vol. Alex Patterson Killed in Action 12 Nov 90 Co. Tyrone
Vol. Gino Gallagher Assassinated 30 Jan 96 Co. Antrim
Vol. John Morris Killed in Action 5 June 97 Co. Dublin
Vol. Patrick Campbell Killed in Action 10 Oct 99 Co. Antrim


POW Colm Maguire 10 Oct 87 Portlaoise


Rose Campbell Died 13 Aug 80 Belfast
Hugh O'Neill Accidental Death 10 July 81 Belfast
Michael Montgomery Died 1 Dec 84 Derry
Pearse Moore Died 15 Sept 85 Derry
Mary McGlinchey Assassinated 1 Feb 87 Derry
Dominic McGlinchey Assassinated 10 Feb 94 Derry
Hessy Phelan Murdered - USA 21 Jan 96 Derry
Dermot "Tonto" McShane Murdered by British Army 13 July 96 Derry

author by oswald defense lawyerpublication date Tue Jul 30, 2002 13:17author address author phone Report this post to the editors

author by dessieoharedefencelawyerpublication date Tue Jul 30, 2002 13:55author address author phone Report this post to the editors

author by wry dundalk observer - the People's Arguspublication date Tue Jul 30, 2002 13:55author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Slaughtering each other in another feud

author by Idiot Spotterpublication date Tue Jul 30, 2002 18:48author address author phone Report this post to the editors

...Where is the IPLO on this Roll of Honour?, you moron.

author by gretchen stubbspublication date Tue Jul 30, 2002 21:54author address author phone Report this post to the editors

you have to give credit to the INLA, at least they did something during the height of the troubles, all paramilitaries, should be honoured, those who fought, struggled and served time fighting against the military might of the britsquaddiescum, MI5/6, FRU, SAS, establishment and state sponsored loyalist paramilitaries. You have to admire the INLA and also the IPLO cos they were all just ordinary people, there was no snobbiness or intellectuallity about them. although most of them came from the remnants of the OIRA, and had a bit of class consiousness, they didnt put it about, i personally do admire them and i wouldnt like to get on the wrong side of them, cos you know how family feuds escalate, i dont judge working class people, many people do what they do to get by, there is not one of us, gets out of this place undamaged, so i'm not going to look down my nose at the INLA or the IPLO. we live in a violent world, what is so wrong about mastering violence, at least you know yur dealing with a violent person with integrity. coming from a north belfast peaceline, i've tried everything to escape violence, to avoid violence and to placate violence, nothing works but by mastering violence, people know not to fuk with me, they know i'm fair and i'm not a sadist, because i can control violence and the level of violence i inflict on someone. Peace is a luxury the working class will never ever get to enjoy, the state through whatever means will see to this, either by backing and protecting heroin dealers as they flood our working class communities, to enslave our young people and destroy the fabric of working class community cohesion, or by encouraging loyalists to attack and target our communities. Divide and rule is the only state policy we will ever experience, whether our working class communities are divided internally, through petty power struggle rivalries or externally divided, along sectarian lines. in north belfast any republican violence has been in retaliation and at a low level of lethality. Mark Blaney could have been shot dead, but only a warning shot was fired at him, a shot reminescent of a loyalist punishment shooting, coming after the UFF warned that any protestants associating with catholics would be shot, Mark Blaney's mother is a catholic, think about it.

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