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Warm Recital in Anaverna

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The Syrius Trio

The venue in Ravensdale, Co Louth, is a little difficult to find on a dark Autumn evening. However the effort was very worthwhile. The small concert hall is fashioned on the first floor from an old stable. The lighting was dim and warm with the added touch of two candelabra on either side of the platform and I think there were flowers as well. There was seating for about 70 people and the room was almost full by the time the concert started at 8.00 p.m. last night. A glass of wine could be had at the interval. I opted for a cup of coffee in a different room and made the acquaintance of Patrick Barrow and his grandson William from Monasterboice.
The Syrius Trio.  From left Jane O'Hara, Bobby Chen, Elizabeth Cooney.
The Syrius Trio. From left Jane O'Hara, Bobby Chen, Elizabeth Cooney.

The Syrius Trio - Elizabeth Cooney (violin), Jane O'Hara (cello) and Bobby Chen (piano) is a highly polished ensemble. Their approach is a no-nonsense one but their performance is highly engaging. The music-making was fluent and limpid maintaining a tempo and rhythm which did a lot to bring the music alive.

The main work performed before the interval was Piano Trio in G Minor, Op. 15 by Bedrich Smetana (1824 - 1884). It underlined the wide-ranging musical invention of the composer and it was very enjoyable and entertaining. I think I will be looking for a recording of it on iTunes or, maybe I will get a Christmas present of a cd from one of my nieces or some closer relative?

After the interval there was a short work by Philip Glass (b. 1937) followed by Piano Trio No. 2 in C Minor Op. 66 by Felix Mendelssohn (1809 - 1857). The latter is a mature work of Mendelssohn's. As it was presented last night it is beautiful and affecting.

The Syrius Trio continue their short tour (sponsored by music network) with performances slated for Inverin on 25 October 2008 and Limerick on 26 October 2008.

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