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Cork Shell to Sea, Green Party shenanigans

category cork | environment | news report author Thursday September 18, 2008 19:49author by John

Cork Shell to Sea paid a visit to the Green Party office on Douglas St this afternoon as part of the sustained and mounting campaign to get the Solitaire out of Ireland, Shell out to Sea and Irish Gas in the hands of the Irish people.

The group of about 7 activists entered the office and found all the politicians out with a paid worker left running the place. Our quarrel wasn't with her but with her employers so we made our point firmly and clearly and she passed it on. After a short and cordial discussion we went outside with a banner and leafleted passers-by to an encouraging response. Around this point we were contacted by Senator Dan Boyle who expressed his irritation with our protest and said he hoped we weren't disrupting visitors to his office.
In much the same way we hope that residents of Erris aren't having their lives disrupted by Shell and Gardai, Dan
Councillor Chris O'Leary also contacted us and offered to take a letter to the Party think-in. Text follows

Eamon Ryan, John Gormley, Trevor Sergeant,
All Members, The Green Party.

RE: Maura Harrington, Corrib Gas Project.
Green Party Sell-Out.

Dear Sirs/Mesdames,

We are writing motivated and shocked into action by Maura Harrington’s hunger strike, and, as long-time Shell To Sea activists, with a passionate interest in justice, human rights and a clean and safe environment, we are disgusted and disappointed by the Green Party’s recent u-turns on numerous issues, but, principally, the Corrib gas project.

We have read the Green Party principles, and found them to be completely at odds with reality. We ask the Green Party to redeem itself and stand by its principles by:-

 Ensuring, by any means necessary, the permanent removal of the Solitaire from Irish territorial waters;

 Supporting the Irish people in the reclamation of their natural resources for the benefit of future life on the planet;

 Apologising to Green Party voters for recent betrayals vis-à-vis Corrib gas project, Tara and military flights through Shannon;

 Issuing a clear statement as to why the Green Party abandoned Shell To Sea.

In the event that the Green Party is unwilling or unable to fulfil these requests, we call for the resignation of all Green Party government Ministers, and the re-writing of Green Party Principles to conform with the new reality.

We invite any Green Party members who are dissatisfied with the current situation to get in touch with us and/or support the aims of Shell To Sea, as they see fit.

Letter ends

The Green Party principles are worth reading as an aspirational document from a more idealistic hopeful time and they were displayed in the window of the office but on request from us they were removed as they portray a false image of the party.
Photos to follow

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author by dáithí is dócha - S2Spublication date Thu Sep 18, 2008 20:10author address author phone

Cúpla Íomhánna


Corporate rebranding?
Corporate rebranding?

author by observerpublication date Thu Sep 18, 2008 23:35author address author phone

Your letters are very well thought out and expressed - impressed last week by the measured tone to the Navy as well. Point by point!

author by broadbase - Corrib Consortium Watchpublication date Fri Sep 19, 2008 00:34author address author phone

Always remember that Marathon is part of the Corrib Consortium, along with Statoil and Shell. Marathon, like Statoil hide behind Shell and therefore avoid the necessary attention to exert widespread pressure to get the flawed Corrib Project scrapped. Locals from Rossport realised this fully when they travelled to Norway to educate theNorwegian people about Statoil in Ireland not living up to the high standards that would be demanded of them in Norway. Come on S2S in Cork. Dont let Marathon off the hook !

author by IshtarCeltpublication date Fri Sep 19, 2008 11:46author address author phone

They are down in Cork...

Marathon Oil Ireland Limited
Mahon Industrial Estate
Cork, Ireland
Phone: +353 21-435-7301
Fax: +353 21-435-6209

Incorporated in the Cayman Islands Company No. 129922
Registered as a branch in Ireland Company No. 904997
A subsidiary of Marathon Oil Company

unfortunatly, no email - I can't ring them right now - but here is some choice waffle from their website:
Living Our Values

Marathon is a company that strives to bring value and values together. We create value for our shareholders and provide quality products and services for our customers. In doing so, we act responsibly toward those who work for us, the communities in which we operate and our business partners.

These are the core values that guide Marathon’s approach to business:

* Health and Safety: We conduct our business with high regard for the health and safety of our employees, contractors and neighboring communities.
* Environmental Stewardship: We are committed to minimizing environmental impacts by reducing wastes, emissions and other releases.
* Honesty and Integrity: We uphold high standards of business ethics and integrity, enforce strict principles of corporate governance and support transparency in all of our operations.
* Corporate Citizenship: We live by our principles of corporate social responsibility and make a difference through our philanthropic, social development and volunteer programs.
* High Performance: We create sustainable value through a high performance team culture and provide a collaborative, supportive work environment where employees are encouraged to reach their full professional potential.
Our CSR Policy

Marathon's commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) means being accountable for our actions to a broad range of stakeholders -- investors, employees, customers, suppliers, communities, business partners, host governments and others who have a stake in how our company conducts itself. Marathon has long-established core values associated with health and safety, environmental stewardship, honesty and integrity, corporate citizenship, and a high performance team. We recognize the importance of both financial and non-financial performance in our efforts to maintain long-term, sustainable performance for the Company. We put our policies into practice everyday as we manage our business to promote sustainable social, environmental and economic benefits to all stakeholders wherever Marathon operates.

They aren't doing this in the case of Corrib gasfields!!!!

there are also some clangers on the health and safety page:

# Prevention of Pollution and Resource Conservation: We are committed to environmental protection and emphasize, to the extent practical, resource conservation and the minimization of wastes, emissions and releases throughout our operations.

# Communities: We are dedicated to being a good neighbor in the communities where we work. We will conduct our operations safely and responsibly and we will consult proactively with stakeholders on issues of mutual interest.

# Risk Assessment: Management of risk is fundamental to safe operations, products and services. We will systematically identify potential hazards, assess their relative significance and develop reduction measures to ensure risks are properly addressed.

# Legislative and Regulatory Compliance: We will comply with all applicable HES laws, regulations and other requirements to which the organization subscribes. Within our sphere of influence, we will actively participate in the development of responsible laws, regulations and standards regarding HES issues.

Contractor Performance: Recognizing that our contractors are pivotal to achieving our HES goals, we will monitor their performance, use the results in the selection process, and work with our contractors to align our common interests and promote HES excellence.

They have a business integrity Office:

Business Integrity Office

Marathon’s Business Integrity Office directs the Company’s emphasis on ethical standards. This Office maintains the Code of Business Conduct; administers the Integrity Helpline; develops and implements ethics education programs; coordinates with the Law, Audit and Human Resources organizations to ensure program compliance; and communicates with employees and others about ethical business conduct.

Reporting to Marathon's Chief Compliance Officers, the Business Integrity Office is also accountable to the Business Integrity Advisory Committee. The committee is comprised of representatives from Law, Auditing, Human Resources and Operations, as well as the Chief Compliance Officers and an external member who is an ethics subject matter expert.

Working with the Business Integrity Office are Business Integrity Partners. These designated employees act as a liaison between the Business Integrity Office and their organizations and/or locations to help with communication and training initiatives.

Business Integrity Office
539 South Main Street
Findlay, OH 45840-3295
Phone: +1 877.713.8314 (toll free)
Fax: +1 419.421.2410

so there is an email to contact, but this department may be window dressing, and not have much clout within the organisation. it's worth a try though, as many people as possible emailing them

author by bad protesterpublication date Fri Sep 19, 2008 14:38author address author phone

Blame this guy says Environment minister, as if it was nothing to do with him
John Gormley is saying Eamon Ryan should meet with the people protesting about Shell in Mayo according to media reports.

Eamo didn't look too happy when he was confronted by protesters a few nights ago in Dublin, and when he met people from Kilcommon in Leinster House last year, all he offered them was a cup of tea.

Maybe he'll have more to say to Maura Harrington this time- or maybe the Greens will see a lesson in the demise of the PD's and stop being a mudguard for Fianna Fail.

But do politicians learn lessons?
"The Minister for the Environment has said it may be appropriate for his colleague the Energy Minister Eamon Ryan to meet with those involved in the Shell to Sea protest in North Mayo.


Speaking in Tralee earlier, John Gormley said the time may be right for renewed talks on the controversy.

'I think it would be an opportune time for my ministerial colleague to talk the local community about the issues and he has said that is something he wants to do,' he said."

for full article see:

"I'm with stupid"
"I'm with stupid"

author by JMpublication date Fri Sep 19, 2008 16:08author address author phone

"Erin Brockovich, the campaigner immortalised in an Oscar-winning film, today urged oil giant Shell to reroute a controversial gas pipeline in the west of Ireland.

"The former legal clerk, who famously took on a massive power company accused of toxic leaks, gave her wholehearted support to the campaigners opposing the development in north Co Mayo.

"...the notoriously straight-talker revealed she was confident a compromise could be reached between campaigners and Shell after discussing the matter with Irish environment minister and Green Party leader John Gormley."

Related Link:
author by Jim Keys - FEICpublication date Sat Sep 20, 2008 15:18author email jimkeys51 at googlemail dot comauthor address author phone

Its worth reading the Guardian link referred to above as what Ms Brockovich says is very supportive. Its great she's spoken out as celebrity support reaches parts activists rarely do. And she's both now thanks to Hollywood, a celebrity and an activist.

And of course great that the ship is out of Irish territorial waters and Maura has called off her hungerstrike. Congratulations to her good self and all you supporters, and all those who got involved/became supporters because of Maura's actions. Powerful stuff, powerful solidarity actions across the country. Lets keep the faith, another world is here!

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