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Dolores Kelly's Claims 'Without Foundation' - RSF

category armagh | miscellaneous | press release author Wednesday August 27, 2008 23:06author by Richard Walsh - Republican Sinn Féin

RSF have said that Dolores Kelly's claims that Republicans were involved in the desecration of Dougher Cemetery near Lurgan were without foundation.

Dolores Kelly's claims that Republicans were involved in the desecration of graves in Dougher Cemetery in Lurgan on Tuesday are without foundation, a spokesman for Republican Sinn Féin has said.

“Graves were wrecked by young vandals who had no connection with the Republican Movement. Indeed, two graves belonging to Republicans were also desecrated,” said Director of Publicity, Richard Walsh.

“This was a pathetic attempt by Dolores Kelly to link the incident with legitimate opposition to the British Crown Forces in Craigavon on Tuesday night.

“Furthermore, John O'Dowd's requests for anyone with information about a sniper targeting British forces on the Brownlow Road to report this to the RUC is nothing less than an attempt to recruit people from the Nationalist community as British spies.

“The people of Craigavon suffered a massive British incursion into the area, with many homes wrecked and people assaulted. Two helicopters were also hovering overhead.

“Unfortunately, such incursions into parts of North Armagh are not unprecedented. Dolores Kelly supported raids and arrests carried out against the people of North Armagh a number of months ago, which included the assault of a pregnant woman by the RUC. Indeed, it is the view of many people within the area that any alleged attack on her on Tuesday was minor compared to what was inflicted on others by her friends in the RUC.”

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author by Peter Fitz - R.S.F. Meathpublication date Mon Sep 01, 2008 12:26author address author phone

Is it not obvious by the ridiculous claims that certain people just want people to turn on republicans and have nothing but hatred towards them!!

Why would members of the republican movement go out of there way to vandalise a graveyard when they have more pressing items on there list to do!??

People forget that republicans all over ireland have a job of getting the oppressor england out of our country,not the job of going around vandalising graves!!
I ask this question: Has anybody actually seen known members of the republican movement desicrating a graveyard? Has anybody actually seen a member of the republican movement vandalising a certain grave???

I wouldnt say so!!

I would be more inclined to believe that the people wrecking graveyards and graves around the country would be nothing more than junkies,drunks and hooligans with nothing more to do.

Therfore I would kindly ask people to stop blaming republicans for the slightest thing these days and to concentrate on the real perpatraitors of the offense

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