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Thursday January 01 1970

Remember Internment - Lurgan

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Fight 42-Day Detention

August 9 1971 was a pivotal date in Irish history. The introduction of internment exposed, yet again, the ugly face of British imperialism in Ireland and acted as a catalyst for increased resistance to the occupation.

The introduction of 42-day detention is a similar travesty of justice, foisted upon an unwilling population by a British government that is determined to repress dissent.

To mark the anniversary of internment and protest the use of 42-day detention, éirígí is encouraging people to demonstrate in Church Place, Lurgan on August 9.

The details are:

Church Place, Lurgan
12pm, Saturday, August 9

The details of other demonstrations which will be happening around the country on the same day will added to this site in the coming days.

Bígí Linn!

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