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Vacancy for Online Volunteers

category international | miscellaneous | other press author Thursday July 10, 2008 17:40author by Tara Finglas - Volunteering Unit Irish Aid Volunteer and Information Centreauthor email tara.finglas at dfa dot ieauthor address Irish Aid Volunteer and Information Centre, 27-31 Upper O'Connell Street, Dublin phone 01 8546926

Do you own a computer?-Do you have access to the internet?-Can you spare 1-5 hours a week? If the answer is yes then apply to be a Virtual Online Volunteer!

Irish Aid is launching a Pilot Virtual Online Volunteering programme for 20 volunteers over 6 months. The purpose of this exercise is to increase awareness of online volunteering using experiences gained through this pilot programme. Virtual Online Volunteers will be linked with developmental NGOs through the UNV Online Volunteering Service to work for sustainable development on various projects around the world.

People who would otherwise be unable to travel to volunteer overseas are particularly encouraged to apply, for example people living with disabilities, work/family commitments, and financial constraints.

Some Examples of Opportunities in Virtual Online Volunteering:
- Design and update Social Networking pages- Report and article writing- Website design and content management- Writing project proposals- Identifying sources of funding- Drafting funding applications- Evaluating projects- Advising on organisational strategy- Research- and much more!!

Please email a note of interest to the Volunteering Unit in the Irish Aid Volunteer and Information Centre to tara Finglas For more information check out and

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