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Tara Call Out

category international | history and heritage | news report author Tuesday July 08, 2008 13:49author by Tara Tara Tara

Land Dispute

Today the Gardai arrived to remove A Chairde Gael, those that have been occupying the small triangle of land near the Car Park at Tara
The Disputed Land
The Disputed Land

Jp Fay , a member of A Chairde Gael is disputing claims by Gardai that Meath Co Council now own the land and is refusing to move. JP is under siege and calling out for help - laptops, video equipment , eyewitnesses but especially a Solicitor and also an Auctioneer who can download the maps that will prove he is correct about this piece of land.

OPW Maps- Plot Ref 129 2528_2_1 show that the triangle is not part of the National Monument.

Gardai have stated that they will return in 2 hrs with paperwork.

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