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More Signs Of Israeli-US Preparations For Attacking Iran

category international | anti-war / imperialism | other press author Sunday June 29, 2008 19:48author by pat c

Peter Symonds analyses the latest moves by Bush & his cabal in the preparations for war against Iran. In particular Peter looks at the movements of senior US military officers. Full text at link.

The visit by US Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Admiral Mike Mullen to Israel yesterday is one more indication that the two countries are actively discussing a military strike on Iran. Mullenís trip followed news that the Israeli air force carried out a major exercise earlier this month involving 100 fighter jets, backed by midair fuel tankers and rescue helicopters, flying some 1,500 kilometres westward over the Mediterranean Seaóroughly the same distance as eastward from Israel to Iranís nuclear facilities.

Two other top US military officers were also in Israel this week. Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Gary Roughead met with his Israeli counterpart, as did General William Wallace, commander of the US Army Training and Doctrine Command. Rougheadís presence is particularly significant, as the US navy would be central in countering any Iranian retaliation in the Persian Gulf following an Israeli strike.

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