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1798 Commemoration tara

category national | miscellaneous | news report author Tuesday May 13, 2008 15:53author by Tara Tara Tara

A Memorial Stone dedicated to the Irish Rebels killed during the 1798 Rebellion at tara has mysteriously disappeared.
Rousing Speeches
Rousing Speeches

Gardai are currently investigating the mysterious disappearance of a 1798 Memorial Stone from a wall on the roadside on the border between the townlands of Odder and Castleboy on the Hill of tara.

The monument was erected in 1998 by a group called Comoradh Rioch na Mhi and was inscribed with

"1798- 1998 in memory of the Croppies who gave their lives for Ireland, 26 May 1798 Erin Go Bragh"

Patrick Pryle, one of the founding members of Comoradh Rioch na Mhi organised bus loads of Pike groups from Wexford to attend a wreath laying ceremony on Sunday. It was well attended by locals and visitors all outraged at the disappearance of the stone. Patrick Pryle has written to the OPW, the Meath County Manager and the Chief Super in Navan garda station asking them to investigate the matter.

He is quoted as saying " It is Sacred land and it is under the protection of the state and it is up to the state to protect its own property and the memory of these people who died for Ireland."

It is estimated that about 400 Rebels were killed in the battle and are buried on the Hill of tara in unmarked graves after being hung by the neck by the Brittish.

Anyone with information should contact Navan Garda Station.

Kyrie Murray Recites Poem
Kyrie Murray Recites Poem

A 1798 Memorial still standing at Tara
A 1798 Memorial still standing at Tara

Choir sing the National Anthem
Choir sing the National Anthem

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author by Participantpublication date Tue May 13, 2008 16:00author address author phone

I would like to thank all those who attended our ceremony at Tara on Sunday. We recieved a warm reception and great support . We would very much appreciate it if whoever is responsible for removing the Memorial Monument would return it to its rightful position immediately, no questions asked. Otherwise may the full force of the Law be applied for this crime.

author by Robert O'Coilleanpublication date Wed May 14, 2008 12:31author email o.coillean at gmail dot comauthor address author phone

What a shame that such a vital part of Irish history should fall to a senseless prank! As a displaced son of Ireland (my great...grands fled to America), it breaks my heart to see many the changes that are taking place in my homeland. They so closely mirror the decline of this once-great country - loss of memory and respect for the heroes of our past (as evidenced by this most recent theft), drifting away from the family values that kept our race strong through hundreds of years of persecution by the brits, falling away from the time honored religious traditions that sustained us for centuries.
Tell me, my brothers still on Irish sod: is this really all due to our "freedom"? It seems that, just as we are coming into our own, out from under oppressive boots, we are losing our grip on all that has made us unconquerable for so long.
Do we need oppression to remember that our real strength is in our faith and our blood loyalty? Is freedom and prosperity too heady a drink for us to handle with dignity?
Please, God, let it not be so!
Ireland! Remember your faith! Remember your strengths of family and community and national camaraderie!
God bless Ireland.

author by hibernophilepublication date Wed May 14, 2008 20:05author address author phone

The theft of that memorial stone is a sad disgrace. And for what reason stolen? But even sadder it seems to tie-in with the treatment being metered out in the Gabhra Valley, the Hill overlooks, where bones of the dead have been unceremoniously dug up along the present line of the M.3 motorway route and bagged and tagged and dumped in a warehouse. And that is official, government sponsored policy as was destroying Lismullen National Monument and the emasculating of Rath Lugh National Monument for M.3 road-take across the valley from Tara Hill.

Strangely the sly nicking of the 1798 commemeration stone sort of shows consistency with the general, illegal "desacrelising" (Seamus Heaney's word for it!) that is presently taking place in the Tara Domain.
If the government itself doesn't show the proper respect due to a consecrated National environment one wonders what example it is for unofficial chancers to copy and maybe for as commercial a reason as the M.3 holds for some others on the grab!
Where there was for centuries an enemy without there's now the "enemy within" prepared, by the look of things, to be just as ruthless as any Imperial occupier was. And with foreign, corporate help!

Maybe this coming Saturday's Save Tara March in Dublin, May 17th, and including Tara Harpers again, can highlight both the above disgraces being perpetrated in the New Ireland of 2008. Slan

author by Tara Tara Tarapublication date Sun Nov 22, 2009 12:12author address author phone

The stone has been returned! After all this time -maybe someone's conscience got the better of him in the end. It is in safe keeping for the moment awaiting a decision by the 1798 people as to where it will be positioned and a date set for an appropriate ceremony. Nice to get good news for a change isn't it :)

author by We the Peoplepublication date Mon Nov 23, 2009 12:38author address author phone

That is good news about the Stone being returned.
A group from Freemen Ireland will also hold A Gathering on Tara soon in relation to our sacred Land being Corporatised and sold against he wishes of the People.
A provisional date has been set for the 21st of December but has yet to be confirmed.

Check our site below for further information.

Related Link:
author by stone madpublication date Mon Nov 23, 2009 16:58author address author phone

Great news that the stone was brought back!

Not such a great date chosen by the Freemen- most people will be at Newgrange! I had a look at your link there but cant really see what its all about without joining or downloading. I dont have broadband so am not about to do either cos it would take too long:(

author by stone madpublication date Mon Nov 23, 2009 17:47author address author phone

Maybe it wasnt his conscience that got the better of him tara tara tara maybe the stone brought him bad luck- the curse and all that :0 either way good news. Please let us know when the new unveiling will be.

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