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tara Vigil Camp Being Evicted

category international | environment | news report author Thursday May 08, 2008 10:38author by TaraTaraTara


About a half an hour ago 20 Gardai, 20 OPW and 10-15 MD Security descended on the Hill to evict the Vigil Camp.

2 Loader lorries and 12 other vehicles are currently there . The Temple structure has been dismantled, chopped into pieces and removed. They are now dismantling the A Chairde hut and the Tipi. The seven Vigil Keepers on site were not given time to remove their personal items and there is no channel of communication open as the workers turn their backs. There is no negotiation .

The OPW Archaeologist said that she would PERSONALLY put out the fire . She is referring to the Vigil Fire that has been burning for the Valley since Summer Solstice June 06.


Phone credit is urgently needed on the Vigil phone. Also urgent is the need for cameras and witnesses to document this. Please do whatever you can NOW. Send credit , bring help.

VIGIL PH: 086 1758557

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