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RSF Refused Entry to Silverbridge Meeting

category armagh | rights, freedoms and repression | press release author Tuesday April 22, 2008 23:50author by Richard Walsh - Republican Sinn Féin

RSF protesters were refused entry to a so-called "public meeting" in Silverbridge, Co. Armagh.

Republican Sinn Féin protesters were refused entry to what was billed as a 'public meeting' at the Silverbridge Resource Centre in County Armagh on the evening of Tuesday, 22nd April.

Whilst the protest continued outside the venue, a member of a well-known South Armagh Provo family photographed those protesting in a blatant attempt at intimidation. Three carloads of RUC personnel also drove by in convoy in order to monitor the protest.

The meeting had been arranged in order to bolster support for the Stormont Agreement and the Assembly established by it. Republican Sinn Féin had intended to enter the meeting to voice their opposition to the Stormont Agreement and to calls for the Nationalist population to turn informers for the British Crown Forces. They also sought to point out that Republican prisoners were suffering as a result of the criminalisation policy willingly endorsed by the Provisionals.

A spokesman for the organisation added that such tactics would not prevent them from confronting the Provisionals and other agents of English rule in Ireland.

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