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Rath Lugh Direct Action Camp Evicted

category international | environment | news report author Thursday April 17, 2008 14:08author by TaraTaraTara

Eyewitness account of todays events at Rath Lugh

Shortly before 1 o clock today there was a peaceful eviction of the Rath Lugh Camp. Four Protectors who were on site were told by Gardai that they had to be out by 1 o clock and to gather up their belongings and leave. This was not done in an aggressive manner and was complied with by the Protectors.

Once they had left the woods no one was allowed back in. There were 20 Gardai, 3 Garda Cars plus 2 Vans as well as about a dozen Construction Workers at the entrance to the woods as this was happening. A steel fence has now been erected separating the Rath from the public road. A mini digger is busy creating a path and a low loader is in situ.

In a sinister twist after the eviction, a female Protector was taking photographs from her car when she was approached by a man with an MD SECURITY yellow vest on and wearing a Balaclava! This was about 200mt from Gardai. He was harassing her about taking photographs even though she was perfectly entitled to do so and parked on a public road. Amazingly when she made a complaint to a Garda he denied that there were any men in balaclavas in the vicinity. Just as he said that, 2 Security men ran past them, both wearing balaclavas! The Garda refused to do anything about this and threatened to arrest her under the Housing and Miscellaneous Act!!!

Mark Cleary has just appeared with his camera.

There will be a video of this incident and the eviction issued shortly.

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