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Augusto Boal

category national | arts and media | news report author Thursday April 10, 2008 12:13author by Paula G

Radical Theatre innovator spoke to a packed house at the Abbey last Thursday

"Boal’s teachings were controversial, and he was labeled a cultural activist, which the 1960s Brazilian military saw as a threat. In 1971, Boal was arrested, tortured, and eventually exiled to Argentina, where he published his first book "Theatre of the Oppressed" in 1973, later fleeing to Europe."

Augusto spoke about his life and work and his experience of torture. Link to podcast available at link.
Augusto in Full flight at the Abbey
Augusto in Full flight at the Abbey

Radical theatre is very much alive and kicking and Dublin was privileged to host such a veteran of the world of radical theatre last thursday at the Abbey.

Listen to a magical and powerful conversation with Augusto Boal yesterday in the Abbey Theatre April 3rd 2008 to a full house with more than 500 people gathererd at short notice to hear him speak and to applaud him on being awarded the Crossborder Award for Peace and Democracy by Denis Cummins, President of DkIT.

I was there, it was fabulous, entertaining and exhilarating to hear Boal speak.

Do listen if you can. It was about an hour. Download it, stick it on your ipod, mp3 thingys, enjoy the talk while you're stuck in traffic

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Boal with his award
Boal with his award

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author by dunkpublication date Thu Apr 10, 2008 13:36author email fuspey at yahoo dot comauthor address author phone

Great stuff, what a legend
He changed so much both in theatre world(s) and in real world....(hard to distinguish at times)

Great to see more simple quality audio like this getting out to the wider world via IMC and related local community networks, this is the key, education while doing other stuff, be it on bus as paula pointed out, or at a computer clikity clik-ing working away in another country.... more of it please. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE

Raul, who worked with boal in brazil and has been in ireland for some time, participated in an early seomra spraoi event a long time back with us. that was the time of the "no more death on our streets" chants from street scene, he did a theatre of the opressed workshop with a group of about 20 people and it was very special, a few of the homeless lads participated... it was a start, but like so much never went much further, perhaps it will be talked about at this w/e's scoil spraoi...hope so

Seomra Spraoi presents Scoil Spraoi - Social Centre gathering Friday 11 and Saturday 12 April

the theatre of the opressed gig @ seomra spraoi event : September 10, 2005 was at:

Seomra Spraoi collective invites you to a night of play, art, discussion, film, food, disco:

"the theatre of the opressed workshop was great, mucho obrigado to raul, cut a bit short when we were really getting into the guts of it

there will be more"

see accompanying you tube to see how much play is used to change the world

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