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Trouble at Rath Lugh

category international | environment | news report author Thursday April 10, 2008 09:14author by TaraTaraTara

Baseball Bats and Balaclavas

Update from camp at Rath Lugh

New Tunnel Filled In

Yesterday 13 Security entered beyond the fence line into Rath Lugh and filled in a new tunnel with cement. The tunnel like structure was 15-20 ft away from the boundary fence and work commenced on it 3 weeks ago. One Garda was present during the time of filling it in.

There have been renewed threats to evict the new Front Line Camp which was moved closer to the same boundary fence just recently. The small shaft like tunnel was only a few feet deep and designed for a lock in in the face of an eviction.


There have been several attacks recently against camp members under cover of night by Security wearing balaclavas and carrying baseball bats. Last week they stole the Generator and then returned it minus the fuel cap and with mud in the oil and petrol, rendering it useless. This Generator is a vital part of equipment used to recharge mobile phones, cameras and laptops and is essential for communication with the outside world as well as other functions.

A new Generator is needed to replace the one that was vandalised along with other necessary equipment. Please donate what you can to the Direct Action .

tara Solidarity Vigil Account
AIB Navan
Sort Code 93-21-83
Account NO. 43326084

For International Banking please give the following details to your
IBAN Current Account IE70 BOF1-90 34-37 28- 43 44 33

Your help is Urgently needed and much appreciated.
Thank you.

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