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Battle at Rath Lugh Continues....

category meath | environment | other press author Saturday April 05, 2008 04:15author by Durty Tunnel Bunny

A short film on the corruption and destruction taking place on the esker of the Rath Lugh Monument, footage from last week (15th - 24th March 08).

Since squeek came out the tunnel the media attention has died down, however the battle continues to re-route the M3 away from tara's ancient complex.
Massive respect to people living on the front line and to all the people who are working to save tara on many different levels, with unity, love and understanding we can reclaim the freedom and dignity of Ireland.
One love, One world, and One Humanity.

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author by TaraTaraTarapublication date Thu Apr 10, 2008 19:08author address author phone

Thank you for this video. It will shock many to see visuals backing up recent reports here of work carrying on at Rath Lugh under Garda escort. Video of the riot vans, the high amount of security etc. etc. all very atmospheric. How can the EU believe that work is "Blocked" here in the face of such evidence? Other footage was sent to them proving that they were being lied to by the Irish Government . Has there been any reply to this?

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author by Professor Tramppublication date Thu Apr 10, 2008 19:24author address author phone

For the life of me I canot understand what all the fuss is about on this so called Rath Lugh esker.

There are thousands of eskers in Ireland, all left over from the ice age of 10,000 years ago, what is the fuss about for there will be plenty more left.

I doubt very much that Lugh ever set foot on it anyway and so what if he did.

As far as I can recall it has been planted out wih trees whose root stocks must have destroyed any relics - if anywere there in first place, which I doubt.

Surely you people could find a more wothy cause to give your energies too. Such as providing shelter for the homeless who sleep on the streets of every city, but then of course perhaps I'm asking too much and there would be no glory in that for you to rant about ?

author by appublication date Thu Apr 10, 2008 20:00author address author phone

This esker has a national monument on it.

You might not think it's important but some people do.

As for the homeless- imagine if the State spent a percentage of the money they are spending on roads (which won't help anyone but some property developers) on helping the homeless..

Imagine if the government looked after the homeless the same way they look after the banks and property developers and builders who are profiting obscenely from the "housing boom". I doubt that you will be writing in to the department of environment though...

author by aindilis - nonepublication date Thu Apr 10, 2008 22:26author address author phone

Have you heard of Ireland's two national hero's? Finn MacCool agus Cuchulainn. Both are thought to be buried here. So, that's probably part of the fuss.

author by Professor Tramppublication date Thu Apr 10, 2008 22:56author address author phone


Cuchulainn's burial place is in Co. Louth and Fionn macCumhaill
is the Hill of Allen, in Co. Kildare.

author by Wicked Witch of the West/Eastpublication date Thu Apr 10, 2008 23:36author address author phone

Cú Chulainn's head and arm were cut off and brought to the top of the Hill of Tara and buried there.
Fionn Mac Cumaill died while attempting to jump the Boyne at a place called Áth Breá, close to Tara.
The last battle of the Fianna was called Cath Gabhra that took place close to Tara, probably in the Gabhra Valley near the Gabhra River. They were buried where they fell - at Rath Gabhra = Rath Lugh?

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author by Mickejpublication date Fri Apr 11, 2008 01:10author address author phone

Addressed to those Thieves of Tara! FROM TEXAS...
The World is watching as you sell your souls and Heritage to lowly bidders of the land. This type of road-building will only add to the congestion and polutions, while desecrating Sacred Ireland. I can only hope your jingling pockets keep you awake at nights; but then you no longer have a soul to awaken your conscience!

author by Ulster manpublication date Fri Apr 11, 2008 01:12author address author phone

WickedWitch you read poetry as it were a factual report - a grave error (excuse pun!)

I can understand why Prof. Tramp would think that Fionn was buried on the Hill of Allen, because the bones of a giant man were found on top of the Hill. Where aTower now stands.

The truth is that Finn mac Cumhaill is buried in Ulster and is our acclaimed giant and hero.

Now !

The history of the parish goes back to the days of St. Patrick. The locality is rich in the tradition and relics of the pre-historic past. In the townland of Goward (Guth Ard or High Voice) stands a cromlech known locally as `Pat Kearney's Big Stone', and is said to weigh some fifty tons. Legend asserts that it marks the burial ground of Fionn Mac Cumhaill, the Ulster giant. Across the Bannvale footbridge in Ballymaghery, to the left of the river, are the remains of an earthen mound locally called `The Mount'- a relic of the Bronze Age. Bishop Reeves in his work The Ecclesiastical Antiquities of Down and Connor and Dromore, gives much interesting information regarding Clonduff's early history. He mentions that the townlands of Ballyaughian, Ballymaghery, Ballynanny and Leitrim, then mensal lands of the Bishop of Dromore, were known as the `Four townlands of Clonduff' and it is from this curious source that the parish's name is derived. Joyce gives the old Gaelic name as `Cluain Daimh' – Meadow of the Ox.

author by melttheceltpublication date Fri Apr 11, 2008 14:18author address author phone

There are a number of different candidates, including Ulster, Hill of Allen and CARROWMORE, Co Sligo, for the purported burial place of Fionn Mac Cumhaill but I have to defend the Wicked Witch on one thing: this is not interpretation of poetry but concrete fact (excuse the pun of concrete) but the Gaelic annals say, the last battle of Na Fianna, was the Battle of Gabhra in close proximity to RATH LUGH, and it was after this battle that a character called Caoilite sought to avenge the death of his leader FIONN MAC CUMHAILL so arguably, it's not a big leap to deduce that RATH LUGH and the valley of the Gabhra had very strong associations with MacCumhaill and the last battle of his elite band of warriors.

author by Wicked Wizard - Nonepublication date Tue Apr 15, 2008 12:19author address author phone

Do you not all know that all the above (Cu Chulainn & Fionn Mc) are only legends or did you actually belive your Baby Infants teacher? therefore thet are not buried anywhere!

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