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Criminal Scandal @ tara

category national | crime and justice | news report author Wednesday March 19, 2008 13:01author by Tara Support

EU believes all works blocked since July 18th 2007

Have they seen the brutalisation of protestors instigated by the quango that comprises
the NRA?

The EU , this morning answered a tabled question regarding the ongoing works at
tara, the EU believes those works are stopped.
Protestors have been criminalised and brutalised as a result of a media driven government
campaign to isolate them, in the belief that ordinary commuters think they need the toll road.
Rath Lugh
Rath Lugh

There will be a case against this government in the Eoropean Court of Justice.

Meanwhile protestors are getting legal notices to quit this morning, signed and dated
by the OPW. (the OPW are run from DOE, they are at 52 st stephen's green)

Does it look good on the Green CV?

Bertie presided over this activity, he thinks its more important to shake the hand
of a purveyor of illegal war than to have a non-corrupt planning process with citizen

How tied are the hands of John Gormley?

Are they aware of the paper trail of illegality in process that is in the possession
of campaigners?

The EU is operating under the belief that works on the M3 ceased pending hearing
any response from DOE..

Campaigners you have endured hell to show this planning corruption and abuse of office
for what it is- thanks. full statement and question tabled on here.

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