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Police Mal-Practice at tara.

category meath | crime and justice | news report author Thursday March 13, 2008 12:57author by Rob Henderson - Independent Artistauthor email robertghenderson at eircom dot net

Intelligence required by all involved. Citizen's life put at risk by reckless behaviour.

Ferrovial/Siac Construction with the support of An Garda Shiochána are today engaging in the reckless endangerment of the life of an Irish Citizen.

This morning at 08.45 I received a call to inform me that a force of at least 15 Gardai was approaching the Front-Line fortification on the esker of the Rath Lugh National Monument. They were supported today by approximately 25-30 Ferrovial/Siac construction workers, office staff/tunnel-tourists and security in High Visibility clothing.

They stated that it was their intent to evict the camp, beginning with the esker fortification, but had no documentation to this effect. An eviction notice has NOT been issued by a bailiff. This is highly illegal. One protestor was informed that the intent was to get it done before the High Court hearing, beginning this morning at 10.30, reaches its verdict or puts an injunction on the works.

With a serious and reckless attitude they approached the perimeter fencing and attempted to cut the air supply to the occupied tunnel system dug by Protectors to guarantee the stability of the esker. Heavy duty machinery was also employed in highly dangerous proximity to the delicate subterranean enclosures. I repeat, this tunnel system is occupied by Irish nationals, one of which is D-Locked to a jack which supports the structure above her. Uninformed and gung-ho attempts to evict this area lacks all sense of professional duty and/or intelligence, and can only amount to allegations of mal practice towards our police service. Two thirds of the officers present were not in full uniform and not displaying any form of identification.

Every Garda station in the vicinity was telephoned immediately to firmly insist that they urge their colleagues to get in touch with professionals abroad who have dealt with this kind of situation before, it is unknown of here in Ireland. None would heed warnings, insisting the Sergeant on site had full control. The outer perimeters of the structure and the hut above the main entrance to the primary D-Lock tunnel were carelessly demolished seriously destabilising and exposing the esker, and the Citizen below. It took at least 45 minutes of adamant persuasion, calls to Garda offices and eventually word from the Minister of Justice to prevent them from stopping the supply of oxygen to the enclosures beneath. Local Gardai were of little or no assistance.

After the Gardai present were made aware of contact from the minister they moved their physical presence from the primary tunnel entrance, but continued to move in closer, from the base of the mound, with Heavy-Duty earth moving machinery, further destabilising the esker and the occupied tunnel systems within. Eventually the Fire Department arrived, and though it was against their Union Rules to be involved, they demanded that the Police and the Construction Workers cease this activity. Neither Gardai nor Ferrovial/Siac Construction had a plan of action for what to do in the event of a cave-in, which seems to be what they were deliberately attempting to achieve. I personally - at risk of editorialising, fail to see what other objective could have called for such aggressive, idiotic tactics.

This is serious mal-practice if not attempted murder. Protesters, swarmed by media, continue to hold the security, construction workers and members of An Garda Shiochána at bay, as I type. The CPO line in question is still in application making the location of the esker on Coilte land not Ferrovial's private property. The National Monument of Rath Lugh including the Esker is under preservation order from Minister John Gormley.

This activity by Ferrovial/Siac Construction partnership and An Garda Shiochána IS . . . I repeat IS highly illegal and recklessly dangerous.

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