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All Out Emergency

category international | environment | press release author Thursday March 13, 2008 08:28author by TaraTaraTara

Battle of Rath Lugh
Rath Lugh Defence Fort
Rath Lugh Defence Fort

Approx 80 personnel including several Gardai not displaying their numbers have descended on Rath Lugh.

There are 3 vehicles on the esker and a tractor half way up. This is seriously jeopardising the life of the girl pictured above who is locked into the tunnel by the neck. The Gardai are aware of this and are paying no heed!!!!

There is also a tractor heavy laden with steel works approaching from the Baronstown side and 22 jeeps have been counted.

The situatuion is extremely delicate and extremely tense.

Please go there if you can. Bring video equipment and phone credit. Go Now!!!

Please spread the word, contact all media, ring the Dept of the Environment, Tansport , Museum all.....

No coincidence that this is happening before a Court Order was made to stop them. BASTARDS!!!!!


Squeek On guard
Squeek On guard

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author by TaraTaraTarapublication date Thu Mar 13, 2008 08:35author address author phone

Today there will be a hearing at 10.30 in the Four Courts Dublin . An Emergency Injunction is being sought to halt all works at Rath Lugh until a proper survey has been done and boundary lines clearly defined.

If you cant get to Rath Lugh, go there. Bring banners. Call attention from the world.

author by TaraTaraTarapublication date Thu Mar 13, 2008 08:52author address author phone

Please urgently mention that the police and contratcors are allowing the front
line tent to be taken down. This will compromise the electrical system, cutting
off the air, and diggers are also moving along the ground, shaking the
tunnels.The contractors are aware that squeak is in the tunnel.


author by Con Connor - Ireland's Druidschoolpublication date Thu Mar 13, 2008 09:38author address author phone

9:40, Thursday 13-3-08
Reports just received from Rath Lugh say that the Gardai (30) and Toll road workers (60) are attacking the Protectors of Tara. They have cut off the life support system to the tunnel knowing that there is a woman deep below ground. Her name is Squeak. The front line camp is being dismantled using bolt croppers - this is exposing the tunnel entrance. Machinery has appeared and numerous toll road jeeps swarm around the edge of Rath Lugh. This outrageous act by the Gardai endangers the life of Squeak - the Gardai know this. We have previous examples of Garda incompetence in situations beyond their control that went wrong due to their stupidity - are we to see another example of their incompetence? This is timed to occur just before an Emergency Injunction is being sought to halt all works at Rath Lugh 10.30 in the Four Courts Dublin. The boundary to the National Monument of Rath Lugh seems to be about to be set by SIAC/Ferrovial toll road building crews and not by Irish Law or the Minister.
Who is in command of this stupid plan? Did the Minister sanction this attack on the peaceful Protectors of Tara? Is this the fullest expression of Operation Bedrock? How many Ferrovial and Senior Gardai are members of Opus Dei? Did the order to evacuate come from their Lismullin HQ?
All works on or near Rath Lugh must be stopped immediately until the life of Squeak is secured and a proper survey has been done and boundary lines clearly defined.
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author by Con Connor - Ireland's Druidschoolpublication date Thu Mar 13, 2008 10:58author address author phone

The posting above by me was sent to a large media list - the version on has been edited to exclude two questions that may have great importance -

How many Ferrovial and Senior Gardai are members of Opus Dei?

Did the order to evacuate come from their Lismullin HQ?

Why was this edited for Maybe the source of the problem is that Opus Dei are quietly managing the entire destruction to their profit. Tarawatch and SaveTara forums/websites seem to align with the media black out on the fact the Opus Dei are at Lismullin in a E10m HQ. The church has been destroying our Pagan Heritage for 1500 years now. The route of the forced M3 double toll road was moved east to protect the graves of the black friars and in so doing the destruction of the Henge and Rath Lugh was made possible. Opus Dei at Lismullin caused the M3 to be moved east - hence the Henge and Rath Lugh .... why not speak about it? dont be afraid - they have no power unless you give it to them.

I wonder if the judge presiding over the Emergency Injunction being sought right now to halt all works at Rath Lugh (10.30 in the Four Courts Dublin today) is a member of Opus Dei? Or maybe I am not allowed to ask that question. Maybe we should all just be afraid...

There is something seriously wrong when the opposed won’t name the bully. People should not be afraid of their governments - governments should be afraid of the people.

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author by Muireann Ni Bhrolchainpublication date Thu Mar 13, 2008 11:41author address author phone

Just sent this out:

Statement - Update on Rath Lugh -

As a High Court injunction is being heard in Dublin - contractors with the help of the Gardai are evicting the protersters at Rath Lugh.
The hearing has been adjourned until the afternoon to hear the other side of the case.
The front line camp is completely dismantled. Described by protester as "like a war zone" and "chilling".
Local councillor Phillip Cantwell described the actions as "unbelievable". His pleas to leave the protestor in the tunnel are not being listened to. He has called for the contractor to produce his Method Statement. No such method statement has been produced.
The Fire Brigade is on site.
There are approximately 30 Gardai with no numbers shown. They will not say who they are.
The media is also present.
There is a girl in the tunnel, no attention is being paid to her safety.
One protester arrested and taken to Navan garda station. There was a 40 ton dump truck in the vicinity and 2 diggers near the tunnel.
The Fire Brigade is there - there are about 30 jeeps.
Four protestors have locked on 10 feet from the entrance to the tunnel, their arms are cemented.
There is noone trained in Ireland to safely remove the protestor from the tunnel.

author by wpublication date Thu Mar 13, 2008 11:45author address author phone

perhaps the questions about opus dei were omitted because the people at savetara thought that the general public would not react well to such a thing. i mean, i'd guess that the majority of people out there don't really think about opus dei too much, and the last thing they heard about them was the davinci code.... so if they read that in an article they're going to say "look at this bunch of crazies, what do they think this is, the davinci code or something? what the fuck?!" and then just dismiss the whole thing.

i personally don't know really anything about that group of people.... i try to keep an open mind, so i'm not ruling out that what you're saying might be true.... but i am positive that it will not be seen as credible by the majority of people! the people who are protesting the damage being done to the tara complex by the m3 are already being portrayed as nutty people who are against "progress" and all that... it's easy enough to paint a bad picture of people if you don't allow them to defend themselves, isn't it? but the whole opus dei thing would just be fuel for the fire for those people.

anyway, opus dei or no opus dei, the most important thing is saving tara!!! no need to start questioning each other... question the people who are making the fucking road!

all the best

author by Con Connor - Ireland's Druidschoolpublication date Thu Mar 13, 2008 12:31author address author phone

There has been a lot made of the supposed role that Opus Dei may have had in facilitating the current route of the M3 project. I think their role is very obvious, in the significance of their location of their retreat and headquarters, and by their silence in having a major toll road built in their back garden and the benefits it will give them, in addition to the churches silence on the project in general.

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author by IshtarCeltpublication date Fri Mar 14, 2008 12:17author address author phone

OD certainly have the pull to get the M3 moved...they had to have appealed to an bord planala, so documentary evidence of this exists. As to a wider conspiracy, these guys are shadow players, they have been at this a long time! how would a person go about getting evidence of this? hack peter's church's archives? It's not just OD, though - It is official vatican policy to erase, diabolise, and minimise native and ethnic wisdom tradition and spiritual heritage. this isn't hidden, it's become so normalised that people don't see it, over a thousand years of brainwashing etc, and ireland is just emerging from a virtual catholic theocracy into transglobal capitialism.

But there are other vested interests at work here, GREED is high on the agenda. There is a worldview and form of thinking here that extends further than catholic institutions - it is everywhere. People are so separated from their landscapes and natural ecology that an ad that depicts a cow as male is accepted (dawn smooth and juicy). All the people we end up fighting in our efforts to preserve and protect the Tara landscape are 'infected' with this destructive worldview. they are cut off, numbed to their connection to their landscape and heritage, they don't feel their roots. it is brainwashing. the truth is so many people dont care because they feel disempowered, they are so caught up in struggling to survive, pay bills and manage daily urban life, etc, that they have no energy to act, or help. or don't think they have the energy or could do anything. we need to reach these people, to encourage and empower them, i think.

I'm not dismissing your concerns about OD, Conn, but I do think there is a wider picture also - that many involved in the destruction of Tara aren't OD, but have been 'pre-conditioned', have been 'switched off'. I agree that SaveTara may have removed those references for fear of scaring off 'joe public'.

All institutions are made up of people. all systems need peoples consent to operate. if the people just leave and refuse to participate or agree, then the institution falls, it is empty. So it is important to reach the people, to encourage and empower them, to show them that they can act, that they have power, that they can change things.

Fair Play and Congratulations to all at Tara and Rath Lugh for staying strong in the face of such Bully tactics yesterday..
Does anyone know if Civil defense have any right to be removing people from the tunnels? Are they trained for this work?
Or if having them at Rath Lugh is endangering the lives of other people in other parts of the country where they should be?? Surely this is not their function.
Can the drivers of the machinery over Squeak and those endangering her life support be arrested and tried for attempted murder?

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