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Sacred Ireland call on John Gormley to halt all works.

category national | environment | news report author Friday March 07, 2008 23:41author by Terry

Sacred Ireland are asking Minister John Gormley to halt all works in the tara Valley pending results of new advanced engineering and sophisticated archeological surveys to be conducted on the Hill of Rath Lugh.

Sacred Ireland are calling on Minister John Gormley to call for a cessation of all works in the tara Valley until the results are considered of
1) An independent stability survey on the Hill of Lugh conducted by an engineer with advanced field experience in eskers.
2)An independent LIDAR survey of the entire Hill of Lugh
We believe the Hill on Rath Lugh to be totally unknown archeological territory.
Perhaps the Hill of Lugh.
Rich in archeology/history.
That should be preserved and protected.
We have asked for topographical archeological maps of the Hill of Rath Lugh, from the NRA via the National Monuments Department DOE and they are being withheld from us.
We have also asked at the same source for LIDAR surveys of the National Monument and the entire Hill of Rath Lugh and they are being withheld from us or do not exist.

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author by KOMpublication date Sat Mar 08, 2008 00:05author address author phone

Video 1 - The Pixie Place Down Under - 37 Minutes - Happenings and actions from Rath Lugh from the 5th - 6th Feb 08. Welcome world, to our tunnel!

Video 2 - Czolg - 28 min documentary that addresses the destruction of the Tara Valley.

Video 1 - The Pixie Place Down Under - 37 Minutes
Video 1 - The Pixie Place Down Under - 37 Minutes

Video 2 - Czolg - 28 Minutes
Video 2 - Czolg - 28 Minutes

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author by Scarlett O'Tarapublication date Sat Mar 08, 2008 00:14author address author phone

For information
Lidar at

A reminder - the name Rath Lug(h) is a totally modern name, no trace of it in written sources of the old or mid-Irish period.
Probably had an older name, probably Rath Gabhra. This is recorded.
Rath Lug(h) is ungrammatical in Irish and would never have transferred like that to English.

More likely associated with the Fianna and their last battle than the God Lug.
Sorry .......................

Rath Lugh from the Lia Fáil
Rath Lugh from the Lia Fáil

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author by Arretpublication date Sat Mar 08, 2008 09:54author address author phone

Thanks for the info re Rath Lugh nomenclature.
Thanks to the Rainbow Pixies for their dedication and ingenuity.
Please look at our website where we're building a Park.............
Your Park.
We need to sow seed and make the land green again........
Run your mouse back and forth across the image you'll find by clicking this link

the seed is sown in our hearts.
Keep heart.
Keep talking


author by Ciaran Murphy - Singerpublication date Mon Mar 10, 2008 14:54author address author phone

I played a gig at the rathlugh camp the other night, fact is a very small number of very committed young men and women (most of them English) are the only people standing between the most precious existing reminders of a special history and obliteration from money fuelled bulldozers.
One young woman has put herself underground and very much in deaths road in an attempt to keep a sacred place sacred.
Cant emphasise how few people are holding the fort down there, please try and boost the numbers.

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