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Nazi Irving On Rte Late Late: Emergency Protest Tonite 8.30 Rte

category dublin | miscellaneous | news report author Friday March 07, 2008 14:29author by Sara - ANL

The Anti Nazi League is calling on RTE Late Late Show to withdraw its invitation to Holocausr Revisionist David Irving for tonight's show
An Emergency Protest Picket is to be held at 8.30pm tonight (Friday 7th March at RTE's Montrose TV entrance to oppose Irving's appearance.

The Anti-Nazi League has called on RTE’s Late Late Show to withdraw its invitation to Holocuast revisionist David Irving to appear on tonight’s show (March 7th).
The Anti-Nazi League was made aware of the invitation to Mr Irving when Richard Boyd Barrett was contacted by the Late Late Show and asked to debate with David Irving on the show.
Richard Boyd Barrett refused the invitation and appealed to the Late Late Show to withdraw the invitation to Mr Irving. He then contacted the Anti-Nazi League.
The Anti-Nazi League will hold a picket at RTE tonight at 8.30pm to oppose the appearance of Mr Irving on the Late Late Show.
Sarah O’ Rourke of the Anti- Nazi League said:

“We are appealing to the Late Late Show and the RTE authorities to cancel the planned appearance of David Irving on tonight’s show.
One of the most respected shows on Irish Television and Ireland’s national broadcaster should not being giving a platform to someone who wishes to deny the horror of the Nazi Holocaust, which claimed the lives of six million Jews and other minorities.

David Irving has rightly been convicted in the British and Austrian courts for his views on the holocaust. By giving this man a platform the Late Late Show is promoting someone who is apologist for fascism and a crime against humanity. This is an affront to the memory of the six million people that were massacred by the Nazis.

This is not matter a of “fee speech.” The question is whether the Late Late Show or RTE wish to help promote the views of someone who denies the horror of the Nazi Holocaust. Whether or not the holocaust took place and its genocidal character is not a matter for debate. It is a fact. By allowing Mr Irving to speak the Late Late Show are conveying the message that the horror of the holocaust is matter of dispute rather than one of the greatest crimes of human history. Nor is this just a matter of what happened in the past, Mr Irving wishes to downplay the crimes of Nazism in order to rehabilitate fascism as a political movement today.”

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