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Thursday January 01 1970

Public Meeting for tara at Carrick on Shannon

category national | environment | event notice author Monday March 03, 2008 22:30author by Terry

tara World Heritage Park

A public meeting is to be held in the Bush Hotel, Carrick on Shannon Sunday March 9th 4pm. All welcome

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author by Lovely Leitrimpublication date Wed Mar 05, 2008 13:15author address author phone

For more information
On the Tara situation
Come to Lovely Leitrim
On this Sunday afternoon

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author by whitewillow - Leitrim Tara Support Grouppublication date Mon Mar 10, 2008 01:29author address author phone

The Leitrim Tara Support Group has been launched today, March 9, in the Bush Hotel Carrick-on-Shannon.

There were 4 speakers on the history and archaelogy of the Tara Complex, planning corruption, the survey of Rath Lugh, the Direct Action that is taking place at the camp and what can be done to help. Several videos were shown and there was a high level of interest from the audience.

Bi-monthly support group meeting are planned, the next one provisionally on Sunday 30th March. An interim chair, secretary and treasurer have been appointed.

Also plans for more information talks in other locations in the North West including Sligo and Galway.

All will be advertised locally and on the Internet.

author by whitewillow - Leitrim Tara Support Grouppublication date Mon Mar 10, 2008 18:19author address author phone

If anyone would like more information about the Leitrim Tara Support Group, they can get in touch with me at the following email address:

siancowman at gmail dot com


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