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On site reports from the trenches at Rath Lugh

category international | history and heritage | feature author Tuesday February 26, 2008 08:55author by tarapixie

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View from the edge of Rath Lugh

From the Newswire - Posted Monday 25th February:
There are fences across the proposed route each side of the Rath Lugh woods. At around 8am this morning a member of the Rath Lugh camp heard machinery passing by the rath. 6 of us went out and saw 2 dump trucks and 2 diggers outside the fence, coming from the Baronstown direction. Each digger was 40 tonnes, and wanted to drive though at the same time! A large crowd of SIAC, Ferrovial and Wills Bros workers were present, 2 members of the Garda Siochana were also present, both in incomplete uniforms; they didn't wear hats, one of them wasn't displaying his ID number on his shoulder. We explained no machinery would be passing by Rath Lugh, that the area is preserved and it is a criminal offence to interfere with or damage a national monument. The weight and vibrations of the machinery will affect the monument on the esker, and so endanger all of Rath Lugh. The workers took absolutely no heed of anything we told them.

Protesters climbed onto the machinery to peacefully blockade their path. The rest of us stood in front of the machines. The Gardai took our names and addresses. acThe protesters on the machinery climbed off the machines, because one construction worker tried to forcably pull a male protester off the digger. The female protester was walking towards the Rath, when she was manhandled by the Garda with no hat, car or ID number on his shoulder. The Gardai didn't give her a caution but arrested her straight away. He handcuffed her and when we questioned him, he mentioned OPERATION BEDROCK. He then attempted to drag her to Mark Cleary's jeep, as there was no squad car to be seen. We immediately objected to this illegal arrest, but the Gardai kept pulling her, even through she was visibly upset. There were no female Gardai present, we expressed our concerns about a young female being taken off site by 2 extremely unprofessional Gardai and driven off in a violent man's jeep (Mark Cleary's. Photos of this man can be seen on this site, or, his drives a white jeep and his registration plate is 07 D 60531).

The Gardai finally seemed to understand our worries about this illegal arrest, and decided to walk her off the site and take her to Navan Garda Station in their squad car, which for some unknown reason was parked down the route near Baronstown. I walked with the female protester and the 2 Gardai towards Baronstown. She was handcuffed behind her back, and when the wind was blowing dust in her eyes, they wouldn't free her so she could wipe the dust out. It's worth noting that this site has had its topsoil removed and is compacted earth with lime to dry out the ground. They joked rather insensitively I should wipe her eyes instead! When I asked the Garda with no ID why he mentioned OPERATION BEDROCK, he refused to comment. Finally we arrived at their squad car, but a Paddy Wagon was there, and around 8 men in plain clothes wearing Garda Siochana wind cheater jackets. When I asked them why they weren't in full uniform they explained they were plain clothes Gardai. I again expressed my concerns about this dodgy crowd taking one of our young female protesters away, and requested I come with her, for her own health and safety. They refused immediately, one Bean Garda was extremely snappy, explaining the female protester would be safe with her. I said this was exactly what I was worried about and asked would they handcuff me so I could accompany my colleage. The same Bean Garda said I have often made my own way to Navan in the past when needed be. The Garda didn't uncuff my colleage in the back of the car, so when they braked suddenly she hurt her back and now needs medical attention.

We made our way back to the front line at Rath Lugh and were about to head into the Garda Station in Navan when we got an urgent phone call from the front line. A dozer was at the left fence, coming from Baronstown direction. A smaller digger was working on a spoil heap a few feet away from the esker. We immediately blockaded the machinery peacefully to prevent them working. All of the SIAC, Ferrovial and Wills Bros were sitting in their jeeps as it was hailstoning and extremely windy. A Garda jeep approached from Lismullen, with the same 2 Gardai who arrested my colleage an hour earlier. The bald Garda without his ID number earlier now had his ID displayed, obviously he realised he made an illegal arrest earlier. We handed them the Rath Lugh Preservation Order, which they accepted. The Garda who displayed his ID number explained the dozer would be passing throught to Lismullen, but he was stopping the digger from working until the matter of the Preservation Order is clearer. We blocked the esker from being harmed as the dozer passed by s to the Lismullen site. When asked about the plain clothes Gardai, the Garda denied their existence. When I reminded hiym I spoke to the plain clothes Gardai myself, he corrected himself. He said they were on standby. On standby for what we asked, explaining our own health and safety is of paramount importance. He refused to comment further.

6 construction workers approached the front line bender, took measurements around the perimeter fence of the bender, using surveying equipment. Construction workers in jeeps attempted to drive past Rath Lugh again from Baronstown to Lismullen, but the Gardai refused them permission, until the Preservation Order matter is clearer.

I am now on going to bring the female protester who got released to hospital for medical attention.

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author by Tara Supportpublication date Mon Feb 25, 2008 11:51author address author phone

One arrest

This morning a group of plain clothes and uniformed officers converged on the sites near one of the
Rath Lugh camps. There has been one arrest of a female protestor. She has been taken to Navan
garda station. First reports suggest that the arresting officer was not wearing his number or a hat.
The charges against the protestor are as yet unclear.

There has been no distribution of orders of eviction on the camp.
These must be signed and dated and will when received be retained for legal.

The protestors are aware of their rights in relation to right of protest laws and current legislations.

the same adherence to rule of law is not displayed by the people who have worked illegally on
the protected site at Lismullin within the last seven days, with reports going to the National Museum
and the current incumbent at the Department of the Environment.

[for complaints]

Health and safety issues in relation to the ongoing protest are being monitored by various groups
with all data retained.

author by Tara Supportpublication date Mon Feb 25, 2008 12:06author address author phone

The reports say that a number of paddy wagons have converged on the Rath Lugh area.
Plain clothes are also present. There was a vocal threat to drive through the benders .

The campaign needs support, they have digital and are aware that arrest orders and eviction notices
are required by law. There are no reports as to many vehicles are in the area but that the cops appear to
be supporting the council/developer.

images will be up later.
any data retained and collected will be sent to legal support.

Any reports of brutality will be followed up by the campaigns.

author by Indy onepublication date Mon Feb 25, 2008 12:17author address author phone


Two diggers and two dump truck s heading for Rath Lugh esker;

Large police presence to facilitate this,paddy wagon and plan cloths Garda on hand .

One illegal arrest made so far,Garda had no hat or numbers on display.Woman placed in cuffs with hands behind her back.Garda refused to uncuff her to clear dust and dirt from her eyes.

Marcos Hardgraves well know for his numerous assaults on protesters ,author included,has stated he will drive dump truck through front line camp.

It would seem the Garda are,as usuall,happy to stand by and allow this type of abuse by Managers of large coprporation and arrest anyone who may have the gaul to defend themselves.


author by TaraTaraTarapublication date Mon Feb 25, 2008 12:56author address author phone

Situation Critical as more machinery is arriving. 4 machines were allowed pass Rath Lugh in single file earlier en route to Lismullin. They have chosen this route to enter onto the Henge. Now 3 machines are stationed at Rath Lugh threatening to begin work in that area. There has been no reply from Gormley's office despite several requests this morning in regard to the Temporary Preservation Order and for confirmation of the boundaries of same ,which seem now to be unclear.

Please support , BE PRESENT, contact all interested bodies, make complaints, spread the word, do what you can but do it Now!

The female Protector has been released. No details of charges yet.

Rath Lugh Camp Phone : 0861537146

Vigil Camp Phone: 0861758557

author by On the Spot Reporterpublication date Mon Feb 25, 2008 13:38author address author phone

Attack on Rath Lugh front line. 1 arrest and the us of terror Operation Bedrock words by police. Plain clothes cops and Paddy Wagon there in advance of arrest

author by marcella - Green campaigner publication date Mon Feb 25, 2008 13:51author email anitagreg at gmail dot comauthor address tower street ,Belfastauthor phone 00442890802824

useful contact details from carmel D

National Monuments Division 01 4117100
Locall 1890 321 421

Secretary for Gormley
01 8882888
Locall 1890212121

At the first All-Ireland Green Party conference in Belfast on 16th Feb 2008 , Minister John Gormley promised us that the the Temporary Preservation Order on Rath Lugh would be made Permanent
...I am still trying to find out if he has done this

Whatever his limits - he IS Minister in whose care Heritage and Environment are supposed to be
and he ought to be taking care of it -

the Gabhra valley is unique - of World importance - and is irreplaceable
and no - the person I spoke to at the Ministry in charge of National Monuments had never heard of Rath Lugh either

The map of the Tempoary Preservation Order is at

love and best wishes to all the protesters out there

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author by TaraWatchpublication date Mon Feb 25, 2008 14:12author address author phone

We have been in touch with RTE and they are on their way to the scene. This looks like Operation Bedrock again.

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author by Michael Martin - TaraWatchpublication date Mon Feb 25, 2008 14:55author address author phone

This is a legal issue. The legal teams representing the campaign /campaign groups need to be asked to get an injunction to stop all construction work on or near Rath Lugh.
But part of the problem is that the boundary lines of Rath Lugh and those of the area covered by the temporary preservation order have never been clearly defined.

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author by C Murraypublication date Mon Feb 25, 2008 15:27author address author phone

This is a quick note:

To Gormley,

The Heritage policy at is not worth the paper it is written on,
we all know it. The NMA 2004(as amended) leaves all our monuments bereft of
protections.The consistent erosion of rights combined in the legislations 2002-2006
have made a mockery of any Green pretensions to legislative and statutory protections.

Everyone involved in Tara received a series of calls today with the usual reports,
brutality, fear and campaign isolation. Green support for corrupt planning policy
has led to the criminalisation of protestors who do not accept the stupidity of remarks
made by you after attaining the environment portfolio:-
'My hands are tied'. [for complaints]

author by TaraTaraTarapublication date Mon Feb 25, 2008 15:56author address author phone

All machinery has been moved on down to the Henge at Lismullin . NRA workers are currently doing a GPS survey of the outer perimeter fence (ONLY) for Gardai!

Perhaps after Gardai 481LM and 259LM failed to act on public complaint about the endangerment of the Sousterrain on Thurs 21 Feb, they are actually doing their job rather than leaving the protection of our National Heritage up to members of the public who are courageous enough to make a stand .

On Thurs the NRA came within 7 metres of an unexplored Sousterrain that should have been 150m away from where they are planning a slip road thus showing yet again their incompetence. GORMLEY should resign!

author by On the Spot Reporterpublication date Mon Feb 25, 2008 16:18author address author phone

Urgent call out.

Please get to Rath Lugh immediately.
Madness going on.
Operation Bedrock.

Plain clothes cops. Camp is under threat.

Call 0861537146

author by Protestorpublication date Mon Feb 25, 2008 17:31author address author phone

if you are arrested for 'Trespass'- which someone was- then it is probably under the
Housing (Miscellaneous Provisions) 2002 Act.

Gardai must inform you under what law they are arresting you.
They must have a number on their shoulder and also give you their name and station when

You must give the Garda your name and address if you are arrested.
You should be allowed to contact someone who can give you legal advice.
You do not have to answer questions , except to give your name and address.
You are entitled to ask for a Lawyer.

The temporary camps can be evicted under current trespass legislations,
whomever is evicting (usually the developer/county council) must provide an order
of eviction which is clearly signed and dated. This should be retained by the camp, it is not
good enough that they wave a bit of paper in your face and suggest that they can evict

If there is an eviction they should be accompanied by gardai to ensure health and safety
of protestors.

Garda are not allowed to act as agents for the council but are there to ensure that no-one
gets injured in the event of an eviction, if the agents come, the protestors have the right
to call the Gardai to ensure safety.

someone should create a small laminated card, such as are used on protests with the
name and number of legal. your rights. and a contact for press/complaint/family support.

arrest for assault/and or obstruction are defined differently by the Law. These need
tech back-up and support at all times-so if someone calls and asks for tech back-up
which may be used in defence then get to them quickly.

anyone want to parachute into the effing custom house?
Lou, you did well.(!)

author by TaraWatchpublication date Mon Feb 25, 2008 17:32author address author phone


National Monuments Temporary Preservation Order No. 1 of 2007

TEMPORARY PRESERVATION ORDER made by the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government under sub-section (1) of Section 4 of the National Monuments (Amendment) Act 1954, (in accordance with the provisions of the Heritage (Transfer of Functions of Commissioners of Public Works in Ireland) Order 1996, the Arts, Culture, the Gaeltacht (Alteration of Name of Department and title of Minister) Order 1997, the Arts, Heritage, Gaeltacht and the Islands (Alteration of Name of Department and Title of Minister) Order 2002, the Heritage (Transfer of Departmental Administration and Ministerial Functions) Order 2002 and the Environment and Local Government (Alteration of Name of Department and Title of Minister)Order 2003) as to the National Monument known as Rath Lugh, in the townland of Lismullin, Co. Meath (ME 032-025).

WHEREAS IT IS ENACTED by sub-section (1) of Section 4 of the National Monuments (Amendment) Act 1954, that where it appears to the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, that a monument which in his opinion is a National Monument, is in immediate danger of injury or destruction, the Minister may by Order undertake the preservation of such monument.

WHEREAS IT IS ENACTED by sub-section (2) of Section 4 of the National Monuments (Amendment) Act 1954, that an Order shall, unless previously revoked by Order of the Minister, remain in force for a period of six months and shall then expire.

AND WHEREAS the Minister is of the opinion that the monument known Rath Lugh, in the townland of Lismullin, Co. Meath (ME 032-025) and more particularly delineated and defined in red on the map annexed hereto, dated 4 September 2007, is a National Monument.

AND WHEREAS it appears to the Minister that the said monument is in immediate danger of injury or destruction.

NOW the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government in exercise of the power conferred on him by sub-section (1) of Section 4 of the National Monuments (Amendment) Act 1954, does by this Order undertake the preservation of the said monument.

THIS ORDER may be referred to as the National Monuments Temporary Preservation Order No. 1 of 2007.

GIVEN under the Official Seal of the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government.

John Gormley, T.D.,
Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government
this 28th day of September, 2007

[Works have been halted on Rath Lugh, by Gardai, believe it or not. Fair play to the demonstrators on the ground for givin the gards a copy of the TPO. However, the criminal demolition of the Lismullin national monument is escalating. No other reports of arrests so far]

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author by KOMpublication date Mon Feb 25, 2008 18:56author address author phone

Video of Standoff at Rathlugh today and the arrest of a protestor.

View here:

[Editors: can 'livevideo' be added to the list for embedded videos?]

Standoff at Rathlugh
Standoff at Rathlugh

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author by Michael Martin - TaraWatchpublication date Mon Feb 25, 2008 20:17author address author phone

Anybody else having trouble opening the vid? Won't open up for me at all. Could Tarapixie please post the url and/or upload vid to

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author by Madame Kpublication date Mon Feb 25, 2008 20:50author address author phone

What I find most disturbing is Mark Cleary`s ability to instruct the Garda on who to arrest .
Even appearing in court ,gesturing to the Garda during hearings of protesters His actions on the ground would indicate he has a very cosey relationship with tha Garda to the point he openly assaults activists in full veiw of them .
So who is running operation bedrock?

author by Video Watcherpublication date Mon Feb 25, 2008 20:54author address author phone

you may need to update your flash player for the codec.

author by TaraWatchpublication date Tue Feb 26, 2008 03:10author email info at tarawatch dot orgauthor address author phone 087-972-8603

[Some questions have reached us regarding the expiration of the TPO. The order will expire six months from the day of signing, which was September 28, 2007. There are other questions regarding the pending court case. Papers were filed two weeks ago, and a hearing date is awaited, while the Minister and NRA are being given an opportunity to make a preliminary reply. Other than that we can't discuss legal strategy in public. But action is expected soon, to say the least. Does anyone know what has become of the case supposedly being taken by Michael Canney, six months ago? We hope the parliamentary quotes below are helpful. ht

Images 2 and 4 are from

Also see for more information on works at Rath Lugh in early 2007


89. Deputy Phil Hogan asked the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government
the reason he made the decision to use his powers under the National Monuments Acts to
make a temporary preservation order for the Rath Lugh promontory fort near Tara; if there
are implications for the construction of the M3; and if he will make a statement on the matter.

Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government (Deputy John Gormley):

Under the provisions of section 4 of the National Monuments (Amendment) Act 1954, a temporary preservation order may be placed on a national monument that appears to me to be in immediate danger of injury or destruction. Such orders are invoked as an interim protective measure to deal with immediate threats to monuments and have a finite duration of six months.
Upon their expiration, such orders may be renewed or alternative measures to protect the monument in the longer term may be put in place.
On the basis of the advice available to me, I was satisfied there was a risk of damage to the national monument known as Rath Lugh, a hilltop enclosure in the townland of Lismullin,
County Meath. Given its archaeological importance, I placed a temporary preservation order on it on 28 September 2007. Prior notification of my intention in this regard was sent to the registered owner of the lands on which the monument is located, Coillte Teoranta. My Department will engage with Coillte in the coming weeks to consider how the monument can best be protected in the longer term.
The site of the monument is delineated and defined on a map annexed to the order and is adjacent to, but outside, the lands on which the M3 motorway is to be constructed.
In the exercise of my statutory functions in the protection of national monuments, I am concerned to ensure that the construction of the motorway does not damage the monument itself.
I am also anxious to ensure that construction works do not destabilise the esker or ridge on which the monument is located and thus have the effect of causing damage to the monument. With this in mind, it is my intention to continue to monitor conditions in the vicinity of the site of the monument at Rath Lugh to ensure that no damage occurs thereto. I have also asked my Department to commission a report from an independent company of geotechnical consultants on the stability of the esker and I await their report on this aspect of the matter.

Deputy Phil Hogan:

I congratulate the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, Deputy John Gormley, and his Ministers of State, Deputy Batt O’Keeffe and Deputy Tony Killeen, on their appointment and wish them well in their roles. This is the first chance I have had to do so.
I asked the Minister whether the temporary preservation order he issued on 28 September would have any implications for the construction of the M3 motorway. What is the position of the Minister and Green Party on the construction of the motorway in view of all the statements they made about it before the election last May? Members of the Green Party, particularly Deputy Ciara´n Cuffe, called for the construction of the motorway to be stopped. Is the Minister in favour of the new motorway programme and has he further concerns over Rath Lugh that will further delay the project?

Deputy John Gormley:

I thank Deputy Phil Hogan for his good wishes and wish him well in his new portfolio. I also wish well the Labour Party spokespersons, Deputies Joanna Tuffy and Ciara´n Lynch.
My primary function as Minister responsible for heritage is to protect our archaeological heritage and this is what I intend to do. On taking office, I said I would not only conduct an archaeological review but also err on the side of caution regarding archaeological heritage. I appointed an expert on Tara, Conor Newman, with whom Deputy Phil Hogan might be familiar. Deputy Shane McEntee certainly knows him because they have spoken on many occasions. Deputy McEntee knows Mr. Newman has an exemplary record in respect of heritage in the area and the latter has spoken very highly of the Deputy.

Deputy Shane McEntee:

He was well trained in Nobber.

Deputy John Gormley:

He probably was. He was part of the Discovery Programme for quite a long time and it was he who came to me to offer advice regarding Rath Lugh. Rath Lugh is on a quite large esker. Mr. Newman’s immediate concern was that the construction works could undermine the esker despite its being outside the road take. He also discovered that the national monument was probably closer to the road than had been anticipated. I took this into account. I was told by the Department that some of the growth on the esker itself could undermine the national monument and this is why I acted on the matter.
The Deputy knows quite well that the decision on the M3 was taken in 2003. My party was opposed to the motorway and this is a matter of historical record. Some of my closest advisers attended the hearing. Deputy Hogan knows well that I cannot, at this stage, do anything about the decision but I can do everything I can as Minister responsible for heritage, which title I take very seriously, to protect our archaeological heritage.
I listened very carefully to what Mr. Conor Newman said about Lismullin and to the statements of the director of the National Museum of Ireland, Dr. Pat Wallace. These two individuals were opposed to the siting of the road and share my concern over archaeological heritage. That is why I am delighted they are on board and advising me.

Deputy Phil Hogan:

We are all in favour of protecting the heritage of the land and ensuring the existence of appropriate infrastructure to allow commuters to go to and from their places of work and recreation. Were the issues to which the Minister refers, including that of Rath Lugh, not flagged by the national monuments section of his Department while the route appraisal was being undertaken a long time ago? Who marked out the site to allow the M3 to be constructed? Who will take responsibility for the fact that the Minister must issue a temporary preservation order at the eleventh hour?

Deputy John Gormley:

I appreciate that the Deputy’s party is in favour of construction of the M3 motorway. It was a central plank of the Deputy McEntee’s by-election campaign. The construction of a motorway is a matter for the National Roads Authority in the first instance. The authority has said that, as far as it is concerned, there is no potential for damage to the national monument, but I, as Minister responsible for heritage, must act in the best interest of our archaeological heritage. I said I would err on the side of caution and that is why I adopted the approach in question, with which most people interested in archaeology would agree. This is what people have said to me and why I acted the way I did.

Deputy Phil Hogan:

In view of the significant archaeological assessment of the route in advance of any contract being signed or National Roads Authority involvement, who marked out the site to give the Minister and the authority the wherewithal to proceed?

Deputy John Gormley:

The matter is dealt with by my Department. It has the best qualified staff and they are doing an excellent job. I decided to add to this by——

Deputy Phil Hogan:

They marked it incorrectly.

Deputy John Gormley:

Not at all. They are doing excellent work. This is not just a matter of archaeology as it relates to the esker itself.



104. Deputy Mary Upton asked the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government the basis on which he placed a Temporary Preservation Order on a National Monument at Rath Lugh on the route of the M3; the reason he did not take similar action in regard to the National Monument at Lismullin; and if he will make a statement on the matter. [22825/07]

Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government (Deputy John Gormley):

In relation to the National Monument at Rath Lugh, I refer to the reply to Question No. 89 on today’s
Order Paper. The National Monument at Lismullin is a previously unknown national monument discovered during the course of the archaeological works on the route of the M3 Clonee-North of Kells motorway scheme. The monument fell, therefore, to be dealt with under the provisions of section 14A(4) of the National Monuments Act, 1930, as amended by the National Monuments
(Amendment) Act, 2004. Following the report to my Department from the National Roads Authority
of the discovery of the previously unknown National Monument and the required consultation
with the Director of the National Museum, my predecessor issued directions on 12 June 2007
for the excavation of the National Monument. The unequivocal legal advice available to me is
that without a material change in circumstances, I have no power to review the decision of my predecessor in this matter.

Before directions were issued in this case, all of the available options, as specified by law, including
the option of preservation in situ, were carefully considered. The conclusion reached was
that, because of the fragility of the features and the location of the site in a natural hollow, preservation in situ could not guarantee the actual preservation of the monument. This view is shared by the Advisory Committee appointed on the advice of the Director of the National Museum to advise
on the conduct of the archaeological works carried out under the directions. The only viable
archaeological option was, therefore, preservation by record, which involves the full archaeological
excavation and recording of the exposed features within the land-take of the motorway
project. This will ensure the recovery of all the archaeological evidence from the site and, in conjunction with subsequent scientific analysis, will provide valuable information on the site itself and
its surroundings.



162. Deputy Tony Gregory Information Zoom asked the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government Information Zoom the reason for the three month delay before placing a protection order on Rath Lugh in view of its vulnerable position; and if he will make a statement on the matter. [25854/07]

Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government (Deputy John Gormley): Information Zoom I refer to the reply to Question No. 89 of 10 October 2007.

In early August concerns were raised with me about the potential for damage to the national monument known as Rath Lugh in the townland of Lismullin, Co. Meath. Having investigated the matter, and given its archaeological importance, I placed a temporary Preservation Order on the monument on 28 September 2007. Prior notification of my intention in this regard was sent to the registered owner of the lands on which the monument is located, Coillte Teoranta, on 4 September 2007.

Map accompanying TPO, marking protection zone
Map accompanying TPO, marking protection zone

Over lay of M3 (from dublinstreams site)
Over lay of M3 (from dublinstreams site)

Overlay of M3 on aerial photo (from dublinstreams)
Overlay of M3 on aerial photo (from dublinstreams)

Before works began (NUI Galway)
Before works began (NUI Galway)

The way it was
The way it was

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author by Michael Martin - TaraWatchpublication date Tue Feb 26, 2008 03:25author address author phone

I still believe an injunction, completely separate from any pending High Court cases, should be taken out against the companies involved in those ongoing attacks against Rath Lugh. The Temporary Preservation Order issued by Minister Gormley should be used as base for such an injunction.

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author by IshtarCeltpublication date Tue Feb 26, 2008 13:14author address author phone

'Meath County Council spend their entire road maintenance budget for the county for the next 7 years on the downpayment for the Public Private Partnership contract for the proposed M3.'

Could we get this out on a few leaflets...Tell teh people of road repairs for 7 years, the only navigable road for the next 7 years is going to be the M3 - and you have to pay to use it!!!

author by Donkeyonamissionpublication date Tue Feb 26, 2008 23:43author address author phone

Here's some email addresses.
rte2 fm,
press officer rte radio,
morning ireland,, pat kenny, saturday view, five seven live, Marian Finucane, Ronan collins, Tonight with Vincent Browne, the business, gerry ryan, todayfm sunday supplement, , 96fm, 96fm, 103 fm, 103fm, red fm cork campus radio,, editor newstalk, newstalk 106, dublin 98fm, fm 104, lite fm, east coast wicklow, kfm kildare, inn, inn , radio kerry, clare fm, clare fm, limerick 95fm, limerick 95 fm , limerick today, Tipp fm, tipp fm, tipp mid west, shannonside, south east radio , midlands radio, mid west radio, galway bay fm, tg4, tv3, tv3, tv3, lyric fm, editor newstalk, news director lm fm

author by Lismullinpublication date Wed Feb 27, 2008 10:28author address author phone

A digger is again approaching Rath Lugh from the Baronstown side.
Anyone who can help in any way please do so, ringing media, going up if possible.
The TPO is in operation until March 28th.
I've rung the Vigil phone and spoken to Rob there so they are aware of the situation.
There is still no clear indication on the ground of where the actual TPO line is.

author by Tara Supportpublication date Wed Feb 27, 2008 10:47author address author phone

Keep us informed about the Digger.

The Preservation order is in force until March 28th 2008. Its improtant to call the cops
to ensure that the order is adhered to, if you feel this is necessary.

Also publish one phone number for the camp-for contact purposes.

Call Out to Rath Lugh for back -up and tech, two campaigners in the courts so if anyone is in
the area and can lend a hand contact the pixies or the campaigns.


author by TaraTaraTarapublication date Wed Feb 27, 2008 11:14author address author phone

There are 3 diggers at Rath Lugh in a similar situation to that of Monday. They are not engaged in any work as yet and 4 Gardai are present. Numbers are needed there should they try to commence work without the proper authority.

Apparently they are waiting for maps.

A prominent Archaeological Lecturer has advised that we get a Solicitor on site as a matter of urgency as on Monday, NRA workers were mapping the area with GPS for Gardai and she believes that they may be preparing a legal document to back up the NRA. Is there any such person available ?

author by Tara Supportpublication date Wed Feb 27, 2008 11:45author address author phone

Two Meath Councillors have asked this message be relayed to the campaign.

You need a local solicitor who is known to you to be called.

Please keep the name and number of the solicitor safe.

Any documentation pertaining to the situation at Rath Lugh must be lodged with that

solicitor and passed on to the the people who are dealing with the National Museum

and the archive.

You do not need at this time someone who will drive down from Dublin , but to inform

people in Dublin including the Head of the Museum about anything that happens in relation

to the site.

if there is a dispute as to the mapping of the order, then works should not be
undertaken until the minister is informed.

The order dated 28th September 2007 is in force until March 28th 2008.
The works cannot be carried out in the absence of witness= call a local solicitor.

am contacting the minister and the museum- as I am sure others are doing.

author by Lismullinpublication date Wed Feb 27, 2008 12:04author address author phone

Hi all,
Another update from Rath Lugh. Situation critical and very serious. Talked to Lou and to Debbie. There is no civil engineer on site just the usual construction bully boys.
Anyway, the NRA produced a map, they would only let Lou look at it. Basically, they maintain that they can go into the woods as far as and further than the well, much further than anyone imagined so far. This means far beyond the bender etc.
Can everyone try this angle please: there are at least two badger sets in the area, one at Rath Lugh and one at the other souterrain, their entrances are in danger. They are supposed to be protected. Further there are bones and slag seeping out of the Rath Lugh burrow. Apparently badgers do not eat in their sets so the identity of the bones is unknown. No archaeology has been done in this area. The white stones that began seeping out in January 07 when the woods were first attacked are all over the area now.
Apparently the NRA intend to bring in tons of earth and bring the road up to the level of the hill there, burying the esker and all that area. Rath Lugh will not be stranded, it will be dwarfed and become invisible as a result of this.
This is all nearly verbatim from Debbie who says that the build up for the Soldier Hill interchange will begin here.
Please spread this word as widely as possible, ring all authorities that you can get your hands on.
Bombard the minister's office ... on both issues, badgers and Rath Lugh.

author by -publication date Wed Feb 27, 2008 12:25author address author phone

1890 20 20 21
01-888 20 00

I do not have the number of Dr Pat Wallace, if anyone wants to put it in here please do.

They cannot do what they are saying to Debbie- that would involve the breach of
the preservation order, which would further complicate the issue of the Minister's
Inability to act on what has been clearly a breach of mandate by his predecessor.

Given that the Eu has quite clearly carpetted Gormley over Tara ;and the exposition of the
facts which have led under FF/PD government to the stripping of all heritage protections
over a 6 year period.. one would conclude that the planning corruption involved
makes Mahon look like a piece of piss.

I will publish John Gormley's mobile L8R.

author by Lismullinpublication date Wed Feb 27, 2008 13:47author address author phone

Contacts for Badgerwatch:
Contact Bernie Barrett at:

5, Tyrone Ave,
Lismore Lawn,
Tel: 051-373876


or for Dublin Enquiries

author by TaraTaraTarapublication date Wed Feb 27, 2008 14:08author address author phone

Ph: 051 373876 Badgerwatch

Very distressing developments today.

author by Lismullinpublication date Wed Feb 27, 2008 14:16author address author phone

Irish wildlife interest organisations:

author by Tara Supportpublication date Wed Feb 27, 2008 15:29author address author phone

My understanding is that the vehicles have now moved through the site but are not allowed work on
it , due to the temporary preservation order, also that campaigners did extremely well in
negotiating with the workers and gardai.

Thank you.
There will be follow up on DOE within the next few days.

will update.

Please contact the local councillors, including Mr Cantwell who can discuss legal
advices and support, he can be got through Trim county Council home pages.

also retain anything that has a map for future reference.

it wd be an idea to retain a local solicitor for advices that are separate to the ongoing
arrests and bail orders.

author by Tara Supportpublication date Wed Feb 27, 2008 16:11author address author phone

Has anyone from the campaign seen the shit sculpture that Siac/Ferrovial has put on the
N3 access route?

Vague description:-

A huge man standing by a gateway-looks Stalinist.

Well done today for dealing with the issues on site.

author by TaraWatchpublication date Wed Feb 27, 2008 17:13author address author phone

An independent archaeological survey of Rath Lugh national monument has been performed by an archaeologist and a surveyor.

M3 Imact on Rath Lugh
M3 Imact on Rath Lugh

Related Link:
author by TaraTaraTarapublication date Wed Feb 27, 2008 18:25author address author phone

Mark Cleary in the digger :)

Lugh V NRA
Lugh V NRA

author by observerpublication date Thu Feb 28, 2008 11:36author address author phone

Two problems with above picture 1) the distruction is no laughing matter 2) the NRA seem dwaft by the "warriors" which could not be further from the truth.
Keep it real.

author by TaraTaraTarapublication date Thu Feb 28, 2008 13:03author address author phone

Obviously you havnt had any dealings with Mark Cleary yourself Observer or that little bit of humour would have been understood. No matter. Actually, I think its a very accurate depiction of the Warriors at Rath Lugh, at least in my eyes. It represents their spirit. To quieten your mind further Observer, we obtained full permission from Jim Fitzpatrick, the Artist, to use his painting. Many thanks.

author by TaraTaraTarapublication date Thu Feb 28, 2008 15:29author address author phone


For anyone who is having trouble accessing the report (as I did) from above link, it can be accessed at the link below. Well done Marcin, Peadar and Terry.


Related Link:
author by Michael Martin - TaraWatchpublication date Fri Feb 29, 2008 17:57author address author phone

Engineers working on the controversial M3 section near RAth Lugh recently claimed that they are entitled to extent the construction site across the location of the historical well.
The well dates back to at least the 18th century, and has been used well into the 19th century for religious ceremonies. It is considered to be one of Ireland's sacred wells, but unfortunately does not enjoys any legal protection at the moment. We are calling on John Gormleyl, Minister for the Environment, to include the well in the Temporary Protection Order he has issued for a small section of the esker known as Rath Lugh.

Historical Well at Rath Lugh
Historical Well at Rath Lugh

Related Link:

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