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Why do the Greens Lie about Heritage?

category national | crime and justice | other press author Wednesday February 20, 2008 12:03author by Negotitated Programme for Government

Green Party Site

The Green Party has employed someone to update it's website and
provided for us , the party political consumer of branded politics, a useful pdf and bullet
point link to the Green/FF :'Negotiated Programme For Government'

Wherein people will find their policy on Environment:-

'The Transposition of the Aarhus Convention into Law'

Solidarity ti the Crew at the lugh!
Solidarity ti the Crew at the lugh!

The Green Party , under Mr Boyle for Cork negotiated a programme for Government
with the Party FF who in Febuary 2006 allowed for elements of the Aarhus Convention
to be transposed into Irish Legislation as Part of the Strategic Infrastructure Bill
(passed through the Oireachtas June 16th 2006).

This piece of illegal tat, masquerading as law, envisages a fast-track planning system
which further erodes rights and creates a unique relationship between the developer
lobby and the court system- wherein the court system will be changed to
'allow developer-led' planning projects to be fast-tracked. The element of Aarhus
that Minister Roche (who will face trial for Tara) envisaged to be transposed into law
is to do with access to courts by protestors.

The Green party ,with full knowledge of the corrupt process of FF under a succession of
environment and Transport ministers who have consistently eroded community,
individual rights and heritage protections did not mind forming government with FF,
nor do they mind saying that they will campaign on Aarhus, when quite clearly FF
'dealt with that issue through SIB'.

Message for Dan Boyle and Ciaran Cuffe:-

We knew what this meant for our Heritage, we knew what this meant for Tara
and so did you.

John Gormley has a heritage preservation section on the DOE webpage which makes
lip-service to the issues of preservation.

When Dick Roche is carpetted in the EU on Heritage, Gormley will be a witness.
and will have to answer for why as Minister for Environment he did not intervene in
what is clearly a case of corrupt practice by the previous office holder.

Instead of dealing with the corrupt practice from the amended NMA 2004, through
SIB 2006, Gormley and muppet pals are pretending that they do not understand the
ramifications of the destruction of Tara, when quite clearly they put Cuffe on the
back of the fucking van to say all this when they thought the FF would be routed.

The Green party did not expose corrupt practice in Irish planning, they have supported
and given credence to laws that envisage the re-structuring of the Irish legal and planning
system to facilitate corrupt planning practice for profit. The groups have data from
inception of that planning process on the M3 through to Gormley's appointment as
minister=this will not go away.

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