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Stopping the dangerous Cult Scientology. a global call to action.

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It appears there will be room on the anti-scientology bandwagon for people in Ireland on February 10th. An article in today's "Guardian" reports how the business founded by pathological liar & science fiction writer L.Ron Hubbard has succeeded in pressuring Youtube into pulling a critical vid but can't stop the hacker attacks on its website & the sweetest thing of all - it's "google bomb" profile. Meaning you type "dangerous cult" into Google, & the Church of Scientology website pops up.

Of course many of you might not know who the Scientologists are. Simple. They belong to a dangerous cult. Some of them are very famous; Tom Cruise, John Travolta and the person who does Bart Simpson's voice. Others are really poor & just get scammed all their lives into buying Dianetics, Self-Help, being audited, being cut off from their family & all in the hope of re-assembling their intergalactic soul particles in time to escape the evil Xenu (emperor of the universe).
L Ron Hubbard, pathological liar & founder of the dangerous cult Scientology.
L Ron Hubbard, pathological liar & founder of the dangerous cult Scientology.

In case you didn't know Xenu was the dictator of the "Galactic Confederacy" who, 75 million years ago, brought billions of his people to Earth in DC-8-like spacecraft, stacked them around volcanoes and killed them using hydrogen bombs. Scientology holds that their essences remained, and that they form around people in modern times, causing them spiritual harm.

Nobody knew this till L Ron Hubbard had enough money to float for years in a tax avoiding yacht around the mediterranean being waited on hand & foot by specially chosen pretty teenage girls.

It really is quite extra-ordinary that such a silly body of utterly crap beliefs could have succeeded so much as to become the number 1 dangerous cult .

Of course many people have been saying as much for years - the German Government for example had to deal with a concerted campaign by Scientologists after disallowing the group organise as a religion & produced a special leaflet :- The German government considers the Scientology organization a commercial enterprise with a history of taking advantage of vulnerable individuals and an extreme dislike of any criticism. The government is also concerned that the organization's totalitarian structure and methods may pose a risk to Germany's democratic society. Several kinds of evidence have influenced this view of Scientology, including the organization's activities in the United States.

There are three notable American court cases involving Scientology that illustrate why Germany's concerns about this organization are justified. In the early 1980s, American courts convicted 11 top Scientologists for plotting to plant spies in federal agencies, break into government offices and bug at least one IRS meeting. In 1994, in a case involving Lawrence Wollersheim, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a California court's finding of substantial evidence that Scientology practices took place in a coercive environment and rejected Scientology's claims that the practices were protected under religious freedom guaranties. In September 1997, the Illinois Supreme Court found there was evidence enough to allege that Scientology had driven the Cult Awareness Network into bankruptcy by filing 21 lawsuits in a 17-month period. The court stated that "such a sustained onslaught of litigation can hardly be deemed 'ordinary', if [the Network] can prove that the actions were brought without probable cause and with malice." In addition, a New York Times article on March 9, 1997, outlined "an extraordinary campaign orchestrated by Scientology against the [IRS] and people who work there. Among the findings were these: Scientology's lawyers hired private investigators to dig into the private lives of IRS officials and to conduct surveillance operations to uncover potential vulnerabilities." A related New York Times article on December 1, 1997, added that earlier IRS refusals to grant tax exemption "had been upheld by every court." (On December 30, 1997, a Wall Street Journal article outlined details of the $12.5 million tax settlement between the IRS and Scientology, including the Scientology agreement to drop thousands of lawsuits against the IRS.)

The Dangerous Cult Scientology also quite notoriously had a run in with the BBC recently after Scientology Cult members spied on a Panorama reporter doing their best to drive him mad with their utterly sinister dangerous cult antics. The Panorama episode on the dangerous cult Scientology was of course pulled the BBC after sinister dangerous cult Scientology pressure came to bear. But you can enjoy the whole episode on the dangerous cult of the church of Scientology by going to this link -

from today's article in The Guardian :.........An Anonymous video posted on YouTube about the anti-Scientology campaign - called "Project Chanology" - has been watched more than 1.7m times. Protest sites against Scientology have also proliferated. Two Facebook groups have more than 3,500 members. A British organiser claims more than 1,000 people will join the UK demonstrations on February 10, with protests also planned in dozens of American cities and around the world, including Toronto, Vancouver, Oslo, Sydney, Melbourne and Dublin.

"They claim to be a church and a religion but they charge people to attend their sessions and they are a registered trademark - that doesn't strike anyone as a religion." The organiser described the protesters as mainly a "youth movement" drawn from all walks of life. "At the start this was a hacker operation but it is more than that now. Scientologists say it's just a bunch of hacker geeks but that's going to be proved wrong on February 10." In a series of warm-up rallies on Saturday, 100 people gathered outside a Scientology centre in Orlando carrying signs saying "Knowledge is Free". In the UK, half-a-dozen protesters leafleted shoppers and brandished a banner reading "Scientology Sucks" in Manchester. Scientologists have fought back by hiring a specialist internet company to help defend its website. In the US, a Scientology spokesperson dismissed the campaigners as a "pathetic" group of "geeks".

You can of course check out that video on the dangerous cult of the church of scientology at this link - but be warned there are multiple versions this one has over a million hits. Obviously the work of evil emperor Zeno.

Please feel free to add or collate any of the wonderful possible copyright breaching leaks from the dangerous cult of Scientology's personal development courses which leech peoples' whole life's savings from them simply to learn they could be like jedi knights if they could afford more & the evil lord emperor Xenu is still out there. waiting to harvest your soul.
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Latest news on the dangerous cult of Scientology (that's all you have to write everywhere everyday) iis available here -

February 4, 2008

A protest against the Church of Scientology organized by the Internet-based group "Anonymous" held in Orlando, Florida drew 100 people on Saturday. The group "Anonymous" formed a movement called Project Chanology in response to what it views as suppression of freedom of speech on the Internet by the Church of Scientology.

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