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Anonymous Ireland Press Release - Feb 10th

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Anonymous worldwide takes on the Cult of the Church of Scientology

Anonymous to have worldwide protests outside Church Of Scientology centres in over 200 cities on the 10th of February, including the 'Church of Scientolgoy Ireland' to protest against their supression of free speach, human rights violations and other illegal crimes and activities committed worldwide.

On the tenth of February, the global members of Anonymous plan to undertake non-violent, real-world action against the Church at eleven o'clock in each time zone. This is not the first time members of Anonymous have united to physically act against the Church of Scientology. In the past two weeks, Anonymous individuals rallied around Scientology churches, protesting against the organization's transgressions (most notably their abuse of basic human rights) and informing the general public. The Irish protest is scheduled to take place at 11am Irish time at the Scientology center in Middle Abbey Street and is open to all who wish to attend. Anonymous has informed the Gardaí of its intention to peacefully protest the organisation under provision 40.6.2 of the Constitution of the Republic of Ireland and intends to have a peaceful and informative demonstration. Anonymous will be fully co-operating with the Gardaí to ensure the safety of its protesters and the general public. This protest will not address the belief system of Scientology, Anonymous respects the right of members of Scientology to follow their own beliefs. However, Anonymous will address the organisations operational methods such as the charging of money for religious texts, its policies of disconnecting followers from their families, its policy of separating children from their parents and its illegal activities across the globe. Fliers will be handed out to the general public informing them of the organisations abuses of basic human rights of free speech and free will.

Anonymous is a leaderless, worldwide group of individuals, activists, hackers, and other participants. Their intention is to dismantle the Church of Scientology. Their attacks are not aimed at individuals, nor Scientology as a system of beliefs. It is aimed at an organisation that has been convicted in the USA, Canada, France, Spain and Germany of numerous crimes including kidnapping, false imprisonment, harassment, intimidation, libel, fraud and torture. It began after a controversial video featuring Hollywood star Tom Cruise appeared on Youtube showing him talking about Scientology. When the organisation took it down claiming copyright infringement, many declared it an attack on free speech. A few days later a surreal video was posted on Youtube by Anonymous, detailing a war statement and call to arms read by a robotic voice, declaring to Scientology that they will “expel you from the Internet and systematically dismantle the Church of Scientology in its present form”. Anonymous launched “Project Chanology” and began a global campaign to bring down the organisation of Scientology. Since then, numerous websites have sprung up in support and began organisation of protests at various Scientology locations across the globe. Noted Scientology critics such as Mark Bunker from and Arnie Lerma of have been vocal in the support of these organised protests. Reports of the campaign have been featured in major media outlets like The Guardian, The Times, The Economist and Sky News so far.

The tenth of February was the date chosen as it is the 13th anniversary of the day American Scientologist Lisa McPherson was found dead in a Scientology owned hotel in Clearwater, Florida while in the care of Scientology handlers. She was severely malnourished and dehydrated while locked in the same room for 17 days and died en route to a hospital. Charges were dropped against Scientology under very suspicious circumstances and a civil case brought against the organisation by the family is still ongoing as Scientology tries to stall the progress of the case.

There have also been reported cases of Scientology's policies being instigated in the Irish Republic. Irish Scientologist Ohdran Fortune was rescued from the organisation after arriving back to see his family from Copenhagen in 1997. He was severely underweight and mentally disturbed. After seeing an exit counsellor, he stayed with his family until he was taken under suspicious circumstances. The police conducted investigation found out that Scientology had taken him to England and brought him to a building in the south east owned by them. His family campaigned for his release until a suspicious high court ruling in the UK placed a restraining order of 30 meters from all Scientology buildings and personnel. Since 1998, the whereabouts of Mr. Fortune have been unknown.

-- More Information --
There are plenty of websites to find info of Anonymous current activities and to find more information of Scientology activities across the globe – A resource for footage of Scientology, including interviews conducted on RTE’s “Late,Late Show” with Irish Ex-Scientologists. – A website owned by ex-Scientologist Arnie Lerma detailing activities and information about Scientology operations globally. - Information on global Scientologist activities. – Another website set up to help with organisation of Protests and spread of information to the general public. – A site detailing people who have died or disappeared under suspicious circumstances under the care of Scientology members. - A story sourced from the Evening Herald regarding Odhran Fortune and Tony Phelan - RTÉ report on Settlement in Mary Johnston case against Scientology.

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author by fair gamepublication date Tue Feb 05, 2008 10:31author address author phone

the entire controversial episode of a BBC Panorama documentary episode on the Dangerous Cult of Scientology may be watched here. It was made in 2007 & saw the BBC journalist John Sweeney stalked, harrassed & eventually provoked into shouting at Tommy Davis a Tom Cruise lookalike who represented the so-called "Church of Scientology". It's well worth watching for its obvious illustration of what the cult's founder L.Ron Hubbard had called fair game . Anyone who attacks or criticises the cult is subject to data-mining and profiling & then either ridiculed or slandered or simply left on a long black list of scientology enemies. Let's put it this way - you'll probably never get a job in Hollywood. The exagerrated presence of cult members in the US (& world) popular culture industry is also examined in the documentary as is their practise of seperating cult members from family & friends. The profile of Hollywood membership is one of the principle tactics used by the organisation (which as well as being a cult is an obvious commercial entity) to recruit amongst the naive & vulnerable who perhaps place more trust in household names & more faith in how they attest to overcoming their well publicised personal problems. It is oddly perhaps comparable to the demographically extraordinary presence of members of the Church of Latter day Saints (Mormons) in the CIA, FBI or USAF elite pilot crews. But that's another day's story.

"Make money. Make more money. Make others produce so as to make money . . . However you get them in or why, just do it." and "Make sure that lots of bodies move through the shop,"
:- L Ron Hubbard.

wikipedia entry on "fair game".
also useful are these wikipedia resources
"attack the attacker"
"fair game"

the entire, controversial episode of Panorama involving the Cult of Scientology

It is most desirable that the Irish media & experts on cult membership, & "disconnection" or "brain washing" practises be present for the February 10th protests. The cult of Scientology is "fair game".

do no evil.

author by Black Lynx Fillmore - eGyptpublication date Wed Feb 06, 2008 16:42author email blacklynxfillmore at gmail dot comauthor address author phone

The people of eGypt support the bold call for action by Anonymous - we have mobilized our faithfuls to counter-act the scourge of $cientology.

The question is - will any other radical Irish contingents join us all?

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author by alfpublication date Thu Feb 07, 2008 13:44author address author phone

You would be wrong to think of anonymous as some kind of activist for awareness. You would be right to think anonymous is the assholes that populate encylopedia dramatica and so on. Anonymous doesn't care about doing anything for a cause other than let's smear everything in shit and laugh at the delicious tears and frustration of the people who are now covered in shit cause. Their list of prior targets includes feminists, Hal Turner (some racist nazi guy), Tom Green, Habbo hotel (a sort of chat website for kids), fox news, the families of recent suicides, Second Life and so on. But yeah the scientology thing is pretty funny.

author by oh haipublication date Thu Feb 07, 2008 14:24author address author phone

Anon might be good at spreading misery online but once they step into the harsh reality of In Real Life they are going to be too cynical and self conscious to actually do anything to the scientologists.

At leasts the anarchists would trash the place.

Scientology pwnd anon already by beating them at their own game.

author by Anonymous - Anonymouspublication date Thu Feb 07, 2008 21:49author address author phone

The thing you are both missing is that the movement has spread beyond the *-chans. YTMND and Something Awful users are joining in and there is Myspace, Bebo and Facebook sites. More information has been feed out through Mark Bunker and Arnie Lerma and Ex-Scientologists are coming out of the woodwork to support this cause. Its gone beyond a bunch of script kiddies preforming DDOS on Scientology sites for the "lulz". There is no more "internet hate machine" and exploding yellow vans. Its turned into a very real and very organised movement with no one central command thats realised the horrors of a dangerous cult that abuses its members basic human rights for its own monetary gain. A cult that silences critics with threats, harassment and intimidation. A cult full of lonely people disconnected with their families due to organisation doctrine forcing them to do so.

Do you want this organisation in Ireland? Do you want it slowly corrupting your police force?

Do you want Scientology to be able to access YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION?

Do you want a dangerous cult that preys on the weak and vunerable operating in your country?

Now you know why this campaign just got very real.

author by alfpublication date Fri Feb 08, 2008 12:54author address author phone

Never said I wasn't for it, I just don't want to pretend the group of people who normally make up anonymous are some sort of positive force

author by RU Clearpublication date Fri Feb 08, 2008 14:37author address author phone

... an OT 7 level scientologist.

Only marginally more complex than a few novenas and rosaries. Ideal for the insecure types who surround their insecurities with a load of twaddle.

I'm for Anon on their Sunday outing (10th Feb), but not in favour of wearing masks.

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author by Anonymous - Anonymouspublication date Fri Feb 08, 2008 18:28author address author phone

We understand your concern. You do not have to wear a mask. If you feel confident in protesting without hiding your identity you are free to do so. We do recommend a Scarf, Hat and Sunglasses if you wish to hide your identity though.


As stated in todays TodayFM interview. If you cause trouble, the Scientologists wont be calling the Gardaí. We will. You have been given fair warning.


We have heard of interest from political groups in Ireland showing up. If you bring signs and slogans bearing your logo, you will be asked to take them away. This is an anonymous protest, while we appreciate your support. We do not want any logos or organisations visible nor do we want anyone hijacking this protest for their own political gain. Anyone or group not complying WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE and the Gardaí will be informed that they are not part of the protest group.

We ask that anyone wishing to show up follows the Guidelines set in this video

author by Foxpublication date Sun Feb 10, 2008 21:01author address author phone

Thanks for reporting some of the more overlooked facts of the CoS.
Power to the people. Power to Anon.

author by Donpublication date Mon Feb 11, 2008 01:45author address author phone

Fair amount of people there. I recognised activists from YFG and YPDs. I was the chap with the camera.

author by Xenuphilepublication date Mon Feb 11, 2008 10:26author address author phone

any sinister Quentin Tarrentino types in dark suits & MIB style earpieces in evidence?

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