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Jean Marie Le Pen to visit UCD

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Far-Right Scum visits UCD

Far-right nationalist Jean-Marie Le Pen has been invited to Ireland by the UCD Law Society according to this morning's Daily Star.

The Star reports that Le Pen's availability is somewhat unsure, as his trial for conspiracy to justify war crimes and deny Nazi crimes against humanity is ongoing, with a verdict due next month.
Le Pen
Le Pen

Le Pen has run for the French presidency five times, including in 2002, when in a surprise upset he came second, polling more votes in the first round than the main left candidate, Lionel Jospin. Le Pen lost in the second round to Jacques Chirac. Le Pen again ran in the 2007 French presidential election and finished fourth. His 2007 campaign, at the age of 78, makes him the oldest candidate for presidential office in France.

Le Pen and his aides have consistently espoused anti-Semitism. And in the past, Le Pen accused President Chirac of being "in the pay of Jewish organizations

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