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Saturday January 26 2008

14 Dead , But Not Forgotten...

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Bloody Sunday , January 30 , 1972 .

A picket in memory of the 14 people massacred by the British Parachute Regiment on Sunday , January 30 , 1972 , will be held in Dublin on Saturday January 26 , 2008.
'Bloody Sunday' picket , Dublin , Saturday Jan 26 , 2008.
'Bloody Sunday' picket , Dublin , Saturday Jan 26 , 2008.

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An intercepted letter to the commander of the 1st Battalion of the British Parachute Regiment , Lt. Colonel Derek Wilford , was printed on the front page of 'The Sunday Press' newspaper on the Sunday following the massacre in Derry .
It was penned by Brigadier F.P. Barclay , DSO , MCDL , Colonel , The Royal Norfolk Regiment , and says -


Dear Wilford ,

As an ex-parachute Brigade Commander I write to say how proud it made one feel to see the way , on TV , which your lads went into action against those blighters last Sunday . They looked splendid and , as usual , bang on the ball .

It seems to me and many others that prompt retaliatory action such as this is long overdue . It will have , I've little doubt , a most salutory effect . Should have happened long since!
I sincerely trust you successfully weather those thoroughly unjustified but seemingly inevitable brickbats and recriminations emanating mostly from those who either have no sense of law and order , duty or perspective , or who are spineless .
With best wishes to you and yours ,
Sincerely ,
Peter Barclay ,
Little Dunham Lodge ,
Kings Lynn , Norfolk .

The 'Bloody Sunday' picket will be held on Saturday , January 26 , 2008 , from 12 Noon to 2pm , on the traffic island facing the GPO in Dublin .
All Welcome!



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