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The Law Society And Rogue Solicitors

category international | crime and justice | opinion/analysis author Monday December 10, 2007 00:49author by Setanta - Victims of the Legal Profession Society.


There is a growing concern among the people of Ireland about the credibility of solicitors and the Law Society.
Change is needed soon, because people are becoming increasingly frustrated and upset with the anomalies, injustices and delays that they have to encounter in their dealings with unscrupulous solicitors. Setanta,V.L.P.S.

No “spinning” by the Law Society in Ireland can disguise the “systemic failure” of self-regulation of solicitors and what is needed now is “a robust agency” to deal with rogue solicitors.

Most solicitors must now realise they have been let down, not just by a few rogue negligent solicitors but by the Law Society itself.

A robust agency was necessary to sanction and prosecute solicitors who abused their privilege through seeking to overcharge and negligently cause loss.

Barristers and solicitors should always remember that being called to the Bar, and, in solicitor’s cases, becoming an officer of the court, was a privilege and not an entitlement.

When an officer of the court undertakes, he puts his official status on the line. A solicitor who defaults on an undertaking damages the entire profession.

The use by lawyers of “mumbo jumbo” language is surely an abuse of privilege.” It’s the law, you wouldn’t understand” variety to keep a client at bay or to seek to over-complicate issues “perhaps to justify a heftier fee” is unacceptable.

These comments were made by the master of the Irish High Court ,Edmond Honohan S.C. in a lecture delivered to the law students in University College ,Cork last week.

Signed Seamus Power. V.L.P.S. 0877522838.

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