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Another Provo Resignation

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Fraudulent "Sinn Fein" is in turmoil

Yet another provo leaves party, admits that provisionalism is about administrating British rule in Ireland. Some say no one could have "predicted" the manner in which the provos have turned. However Republicans at the time of the 1986 split correctly "mapped" the future of the provosionals using proir history. Indeed while anyone with any grasp of history could have done so, only those affiliated with RSF did.

PSF MLA has resigned from the party. Gerry McHugh was elected to Fermanagh District Council in 1993 and after standing in the 1997 Westminster election for Sinn Féin was elected as a member of the Assembly in 1998. Gerry is a life member of the Northern Ireland Agricultural Producers Association (NIAPA). A former POW, Gerry lost his Assembly seat to running mate Tom O’Reilly in 2003, but was successfully re-elected in 2007. Gerry was Party Spokesperson for Agriculture and Ethnic Minority Issues. He is also Deputy Chair of the Committee on Standards and Privileges and a member of Agriculture and Rural Development Committee in the Assembly.

In today's Irish News, McHugh said that he was "increasingly disillusioned by the undemocratic nature of the party and the wholly top-down dictation within it" , expressed concern that "the direction PSF is taking is more about appeasement of British rule and administrating British rule", and criticised the built-in unionist veto within the Assembly. Referring to recent revelations about the levels of British intelligence operations in the North, he said that "the fact that the PSNI is being used for political policing here should be a major concern for everyone here."

He also intends to retain his Assembly seat as an independent Republican is quoted that he intends to organise a series of meetings in the New Year to give people a chance to discuss matters which are a priority for them.

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