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Farmer Tom Kennedy

category national | rights, freedoms and repression | news report author Saturday November 17, 2007 16:53author by We the People

Jailed for a non-crime.

This man has spent over nine Months in various Prisons throughout the Country , for a non-crime.

Tipperary Farmer Tom Kennedy rots in Mountjoy Training Unit today for a non-crime. Like many other People protecting their Land , he was jailed under a contempt Order in February 2003 by Judge Olive Buttimer of the Nenagh Circuit Court for not vacating his Land although he bought it from his deceased Brother in the early seventies and has farmed the Land for 25 years.

The Land is now occupied by Solicitor Owen Harrahill who refuses to vacate the Land after Tom succeeded in obtaining a High Court Order by Judge Gilligan in 2005.

Three Habeas corpus attempts to date have failed in the release of Tom Kennedy although he was denied right of Audience and due process when re- presenting himself in Court in front of Buttimer in 2003.

His Fundemental rights under Article 40 were demolioshed from the Bench.
He has been incarcerated without a Hearing.

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