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Iraq Freedom Congress Holds Its First Convention

category international | anti-war / imperialism | other press author Tuesday October 30, 2007 15:32author by pat c

The Iraq Freedom Congress held its First Convention last week in Kirkurk. The IFC opposes both the Occupation of Iraq and the the sectarian Militias. The IFC slogans are "No Shiite ... No Sunni… ours is humanitarian identity" and "No to the occupation ... No to the sectarian gangs"

On October 21, 2007 the first Convention of Iraq Freedom Congress was held in the city of Kirkuk, attended by many elected delegates who came from different provinces and cities of Iraq (Basra, Nasiriyah, Shatrah, Diwaniyah, Kut, Hashemite, Suwayrah, Numaniyah, Kifl, Hillah, Alexandria, Baghdad, Samarra, Tikrit, Bejee, Mosul and Kirkuk). The delegates were able to reach the conference hall despite the serious danger they could have faced on their way and the collapse of the security situation, such as booby-trapped cars, bombs and sectarian gangs.
IFC Convention.
IFC Convention.

Samir Adil (IFC President) said "we must succeed and win and the fate of millions outside this room are tied to the outcome of this convention". Statements were read from the Worker Communist Party of Iraq and the Worker-communist Party of Iran – Hekmatist who praised the determination of IFC to rid Iraq of the tragic conditions was read to the meeting.

Followed by a letter from the Chairman of the Workers Against the War and Occupation Front; Abdullah Al-Maliki was read, who congratulated the convention on this occasion. Following was the letter of Saman Karim chairman of the Political Bureau of the Worker Communist Party Iraq who announced the party's support to IFC struggle for liberation. And then was the message of Subhi Al-Badri; chairman of the Anti Oil Law Front who greeted the convention and wished for its success.

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author by pat cpublication date Fri Nov 02, 2007 15:27author address author phone

In a video Op-Ed by documentary filmmakers Molly Bingham and Steve Connors, Iraqis explain the roots of the insurgency.

author by tomeilepublication date Sat Nov 03, 2007 12:44author address author phone

The pictures in the link show banners proclaiming . "No Shia , No Sunni we are humans ". It was nice of the Iraqi organizers of the Kirkurk conference to go to the trouble of putting English translations on their banners for the benefit of indymedia ireland readers : Japanese translations were probably in other photographs .
The slogan “No Shia , No Sunni ,we are humans” gets around the problem of Islamo-fascism - in line with the IFC’s hopi-like manifesto which states inter alia, “ to restore civil order in Iraq the forces of political Islam and fascists must be swept away”. It must follow from the dehumanisation of Iraq's muslims implied in the slogan that any call for Sunni and Shia to unite against US imperialism would only play into the hands of Islamo-fascism - which at another point the manifesto assures us is “the other side of the coin” to the occupation forces.

author by MichaelY - iawmpublication date Sat Nov 03, 2007 16:34author address author phone

Good to see that a bit of sanity occasionally percolates into our threads in Indymedia. A large meeting with a lot of young people in the Teachers Club last Thursday, a smaller but highly instructive meeting with Susan George speaking earlier today in Liberty Hall, a large debate in the TCD Hist on Wednesday all three the message from political and campaign activists was the same..... let us work together, confront our politics if need be but UNITE in ACTION.
Nov 10th can be such an occasion. Posters are going up all over the city. Buses are coming from Cork, Tralee, Galway, Derry and Belfast. Friends from the Midlands are coming too. Thanks to the CYM, LY and SWP comrades for their help and solidarity. C u in front of the Central Bank at 2 pm. With your banners and energy.

No words needed
No words needed

As above
As above

author by pat cpublication date Mon Nov 05, 2007 10:35author address author phone

Thanks fot the comment MIchael. It is important to support the non-sectarian resistance in Iraq. I hope the IAWM demo goes well on 10 November. (Unfortunately the HOPI event clashs with part of it.

Also on the 10 November in the Teachers Club at 12.30 pm there is the Hands Off the People of Iran Teach In. Speakers include Iranian Socialist Yassamine Mather, Anne McShane, a speaker from the LGBT community and sesions will be chaired by Des Derwin, DCTU, and Deirdre Clancy, AWI.

author by tomeilepublication date Mon Nov 05, 2007 11:38author address author phone

Great that Yassamine will be able to make it on Saturday despite her heavy schedule . Her proven expertise in the aero industry will surely be missed in the run-up to war to free Iran from the mullahs ,but it’s right that the Aerospace Engineering department at Glasgow University gave Ms Mather time off to get over to Eire .
There’s a photograph on the department’s website showing some aeroplanes flying in formation that I was looking at earlier –isn’t it incredible how well the RAF train their chaps ? I’m not sure whether they are bombers in the photos or fighter jets ,but ,you’ve got to hand it to the designers , a brilliant work of engineering all the same . Congrats to Yassamine and all involved with the project .

author by Watcherpublication date Mon Nov 05, 2007 11:57author address author phone

Will Yassamine be addressing the anti-war march? It will be a very interesting speech. looking forward to that.

author by Curiouspublication date Mon Nov 05, 2007 12:53author address author phone

This storyline is about Iraq. Why are the SWP trolling it about Iran?

author by tomeilepublication date Mon Nov 05, 2007 14:03author address author phone

Patsy from Hopieire raised the subject of Iran in relation to his group's teach-in this coming Saturday at the Teachers Club . HOPIeire’s teach-in has the good fortune of having leading academic ,Yassamine Mather, from mainland HOPI in attendance ,so do try to get along to it. It should be a great gig.

Yassamine works on the development of fighter aircraft at Glasgow’s University in the Aerospace Engineering Department . She’s really doing her bit to give it to the fascist Iranian mullahs -fair play to her.
I think she’s one of the proud people in the photo at the second link ,but I’m not sure. Maybe patsy can tell us

If you can’t make it on Saturday , Hopieire welcomes new members
suggested contributions) individual £10/€20 waged, £5/€10

author by Anne - HOPIpublication date Mon Nov 05, 2007 15:20author address author phone

Tom Eile has made some serious allegations about Yassamine Mather, one of our speakers on Saturday. He and some others have rather pathetically banded together to throw abuse against a campaign that they cannot attack politically. They mock the fact that Yassamine does not live in Iran, without stopping to consider why it would not be wise for such an opponent of the regime to go back there. Obviously they want to believe that the Iranian people are not repressed, or that leading trade unionists and activists are not in prison. In many repects the allegations that are being made are not worth answering. And to my mind the very fact that people like Tom Eile can try to besmirch the name of a leading left-wing Iranian dissident is truly shameful. He is doing the wok of the Iranian state and the US state for them.

But to deal with the issue of Yassamine Mather's so-called connections with BAE I state as follows:

Everyone in Glasgow University knows that Yassamine Mather has never been involved in BAE research contracts/grants . She has never undertaken research or contract work that involves the defence industry .
Of course it should be added that BAE is unlikely to accept someone born in Tehran
known as a leftist ativist as investigator or collaborator at any level (however junior) in one of their research contracts/programs .
Yassamine Mather's main research work at Glasgow university is with the Centre for the study of Socialist theory and Movements and the journal Critique of which she is deputy editor.

The Engineering research group she has any association with is Systems and Control group , the main well known academic in that group Professor Peter Gawthrop who is a member of CND , an anti war activist ( he spoke at anti war meeting, organised by Mike Gonzalez in Glasgow University exposing US claims that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction) This group is not involved in any BAE contracts and their research involves the following areas:
Intermittent Control
Applications to Human Motion Control
Applications to Mechatronics
System Identification
Bond Graphs
details in :

I hope that settles matters - well at least for those who want to listen.


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author by MichaelY - iawmpublication date Mon Nov 05, 2007 15:52author address author phone

A question posed above got me thinking.....Presuming Yassamine would be in the Teachers Club next Saturday Nov.10th, in a session chaired by Deirdre, entitled 'Imperialism', it would be, I suppose possible, for her to take about 15-20 mins and come over, with the participants of the Teach-In, to the GPO, lets say around 2.45-3.00 pm when the iawm demonstration would have arrived there. As I would be chairing the final session, where we intend to have an Iraqi, a Kurd and a Palestinian speaker, Yassemine would be more welcome to speak for about 7-8 mins as our guest.
I don't want to engage in a complicated rigmarole about's a straight suggestion for your consideration. A straight Yes thanks, or No thanks, by Yassamine's hosts would suffice for the moment.

author by pat cpublication date Mon Nov 05, 2007 15:58author address author phone

Its a yes thanks, provisionally. Cant be 100% certain but I will raise it Yassamine. The first session probably wont start until 1 pm (being realistic).

Will get back to you by email.

author by tomeilepublication date Tue Nov 06, 2007 16:30author address author phone

"And then let the Iranian people take their country back." That's what HopiEre must mean by regime change from below.
Just don't mention the first bit about the jets going in from above first.

And ,after all ,what's forty-eight hours of precision strikes by aircraft engineered by equal-opportunity companies like BAE , when you consider that Iran is a fascist country controlled by a Hitler-like regime? If a few mad mullahs get their beards singed in the process ,what's that against the slavery those same mullahs impose on the women of Iran.

When the US took-out the Al-Jazeera station in Kabul - with everybody inside it - they made sure to chose a woman to pilot the bomber . That was progress surely wasn't it?

author by Timeilepublication date Tue Nov 06, 2007 17:03author address author phone

I see you have come out with a dazzling response to Anne McShane's post, Tomeile - you've done an excellent job of rebutting all her points. Oh wait, you just ignored it - what a massive shock that was

author by pat cpublication date Thu Nov 29, 2007 18:12author address author phone

The Iraq Freedom Congress continues to grow in strength. Here is news of an important affilation by the Engineering Union.

The Engineering Professions Trade Union Join IFC

On November 11, 2007 The Engineering professions trade unions (includes more than 17000 employees) joined the IFC during a TV interview with its vice president Samir Almosawi and the president of the oil projects trade union Ghazi Muftin.

Brothers Almosawi and Muftin pledged that their affiliation will be the first step towards strengthening IFC to boot out the occupation and sectarian gangs and building the country of freedom and equality.

Iraq Freedom Congress
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