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US military and CIA fill the Shannon Slots

category international | anti-war / imperialism | news report author Thursday October 25, 2007 18:07author by Edward Horgan

1 million troops over half a million dead

Afghanistan was the first target in 2001 in revenge for the 9/11 attacks on the US. Ireland offered Shannon airport to the US for this attack.
The attack on Iraq had no such revenge motivation, just a grab for oil, as recently confirmed by Alan Greenspan, former US Treasury secretary. Ireland has allowed 1 million US troops pass through Shannon since March 2003.
Now, Iran is the next likely target, probably within the next few months. Shannon and Irish airspace will again be used in direct and indirect support for any such attack on Iranian nuclear facilties. The fallout once again will be human lives, but this time there will also be nuclear fallout. It is long past the time for action to prevent Ireland's participation in these crimes against humanity.
US Troops pass through Shannon 24 Oct 2007
US Troops pass through Shannon 24 Oct 2007

Shannon Airport
1 million troops 1 million dead?

Peace Demonstration at Shannon Airport on Sat 27 October
Time: 2 pm
Location: At terminal building if possible
Otherwise at checkpoint near WESTAIR roundabout.

Between March 2003 and Sept 2007 - 1,059,382 US military personnel have passed through Shannon on 8,698 flights. Estimates for numbers of people killed in Iraq due to US attack and occupation vary from half a million to over one million.

Meanwhile, Aerlingus is abandoning Shannon, and other civilian airlines are likely to follow this example.

An average of 640 US troops on five flights per day have passed through Shannon
CIA rendition planes are still refuelling at Shannon.
No US military or CIA planes are being searched by Gardai
Peace activists are still being are being harassed by Gardai and brought before the courts on spurious chargers

Restore Shannon / Heathrow link
Break Shannon / Iraq DEATHROW link

Likelihood of US air attack on Iraq over the next few months
Shannon and Irish airspace will be used to support this further illegal act of war
Action is needed now to demilitarise Shannon airport and restore Irish neutrality and sovereignty.

For more information contact
Edward Horgan 085-1026631
Conor Cregan 087-6981831

Please forward this to all your peace contacts

Omni US Troop carrier and US gov Exec Jet Shannon 24 Sept 07
Omni US Troop carrier and US gov Exec Jet Shannon 24 Sept 07

Irish Aer Corps, US troop carriers ATA and OMNI Air At Shannon 20 Sept 2007
Irish Aer Corps, US troop carriers ATA and OMNI Air At Shannon 20 Sept 2007

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