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NIFC FFV Video series #9 "Save Tara"

category international | history and heritage | other press author Thursday September 20, 2007 19:00author by NIFC - National Irish Freedom Committeeauthor email nifcmem at optonline dot net

SAVE Tara !

This segments primary focus was on the ongoing effort to save Tara valley from destruction and the upcoming protests planned for Dublin,New York, California and Illinois.

Free-form Video Discussion Series No 9 -- Save Tara

In this segment the primary focus was on the ongoing effort to save Tara valley from destruction.

Pat Williams began by briefly commending the organizing committee of the Republican Hunger Strike Commemoration held in Bundoran, County Donegal for a job well done.

He then spoke on why Tara is such an integral part of the Irish nation and of great importance to the Irish people. He expressed his disgust at the Leinster House politicians, of every political hue, who have no regard for Ireland's archaeological treasures.

Pat then asked viewers to attend the planned rallies in Dublin, New York, California and Illinois which, will take place on Saturday September 22. Additional details are available on the 'TaraWatch' website.


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