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Minister Ryan learns to use His Training Wheels

category national | consumer issues | opinion/analysis author Saturday September 08, 2007 14:58author by C Murray

Media Campaign For EU Referendum 2008 begins.

The Irish Times this Morning 08/09/09 features headlines regarding Eamon Ryan's
'Signal' that the Green Party may be supporting the Referendum on the EU proposed for
this country in 2008. The paper's Front page states that Minister Ryan believes that the
'accrued benefits' of EU membership signal a change in attitude by the Greens toward
their EU policy. This is media manipulation of the highest order which accomplishes two

1. It assures investors in Corporate Europe that the Greens are 'onside'.
2.It is part of a campaign instigated by Dick Roche TD, who assumes responsibility for
both selling the public and manistream media the benefits of EU expansion and

WSM image of Dear Dick...
WSM image of Dear Dick...

The Campaign for the 2008 Referendum began in fact after the 48 hour negotiation and
90% retention of Nice II, it was vetoed by Both Poland and the UK. Mr Ryan, is therefore
continuing the work of his FF predecessors and learning how to use the great clunking
PR machine he was so thoughtfully left by the Minister for Shell, Mr Noel Dempsey TD.
Dick Roche TD ;and the man with the responsibility for bringing the referendum on
political expansion to the Irish Public, of course brought us the second Nice Referendum
after the first one was defeated. He was rewarded with the Job of Minister with Responsibility
for the Environment (tara) and brought us the Strategic Infrastructure Bill. Under his guidance
the DOE in Ireland has accrued all the benefits of heritage destruction and fast-track planning,
along with threats of EU legal action and massive fines for breach of Habitat directive.
His rotating seat was accquired by John Gormley TD (Green) who has done nothing but ignore
the seriousness of the threats by the EU on directive and heritage protection and whom fought
Minister Dick Roche on Nice II.

Its amazing that the Green Party have not alone inherited the corruption that they
claim to have fought but are working diligently within the provided PR mechanisms
and 'Programme for Government' negotiated by Dan Boyle (Senator) to achieve the
long term plans of FF for Ireland, which are:-

1. Accepting the accrued economic benefits of membership of the EU, whilst
consistently relinquishing their responsibility to protect the culture and heritage of the
country that they were mandated to do by their grassroot.

2. Accepting the economic expansion of the EU which is grounded in the micro-economic
bloc of the traditional family and the macro-economic bloc of envisaged and negotiated
bi-lateral trade agreements with the US (informed by the FDA and the corporates).

3. Agreeing to Political expansionism that is having direct repurcussions on the
former Soviet Union and the US foreign policy of the 'Road map' for peace in the
Middle -East.

Minister Ryan is taking part in a well plotted and media led campaign to protect
the interests of the Status Quo, whilst using the media to create the means to
hide the fact that the Green Party campaigned all out against Nice II. or he's
a quick learner and enjoys the attention he gets from twisting the agreed policies of the
Greens on a substanially unchanged Treaty that has been rejected by referenda in
numerous countries.

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