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New tara Film

category national | environment | other press author Wednesday September 05, 2007 18:36author by Tara Networker

tara tara tara -new film out as actions increase at tara.
tara Intense action week 1-7th Sept ( and all Sept)
Autumn Equinox celebration around Sep 21st.

As action stepped up this week with many machines occupied.Reports soon.
A new film has been created watch it now and get to tara.


Your Earth needs u. Get networking with people in your area ,organize some transport or check cheap coach or rail fares and get to tara NOW.For an ever increasing autumn of 'avinit direct action.Dust of your climbing harness and blag up some tarps,
Organize a benefit in your area.
People are urgently needed as well as support on many dimensions ,do what u can where u can.

Keep networking

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