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Forgotten Justice?

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The Expedience of the Ahern Regime.

There has been a plethora of stories and images on this newswire in recent months
of the suppression of Republican Political Dissent, the groups range from
branches of the IRSP, through Eirigi and the re-opening of the Roisin Mc Aliskey
extradition case by German Authorities. The links to the articles are included
in the body of the text. In tandem with the issue of political suppression the
Fianna Fail Governments of this most recent period of Irish Historical Development
have aided collusion enquiry but continuously stated that "no criminal charges will arise".
1974 Bomb Scene
1974 Bomb Scene

The latest Dublin- Monaghan release was accompanied by the FF media machine,
which had Ahern on a podium stating that he imagined no convictions would result.
Whilst the families of victims of Omagh and the MC Kevitt family try to highlight the
issue of not being able to progress their cases one iota, due to obfuscation and
interminable problems with access to legal aid and Political murkiness involving
the FBI:-

The basis of the civil rights movement was always to bring all interested parties to
negotiations and to hear all, we seem to have accrued a peace process laden with
religious symbology (The Good Friday Agreement, St Andrews etc) and low on rights
to access by the smaller parties.

Recent stories on the Newswire:-

Irish political Policing Continues:-
Stormont Three:-
Anti-war case adjourned:-
The Commeroration that Bernadette attended, followed by the re-arrest of her
Roisin Mc Aliskey:-

The thing with developing a peace process and listening to the concern of the
rights movement is this, it doesn't just stop at the house of cards that a government
creates. Ordinary people continue to advocate amongst rising costs, bad health
services and trying to make ends meet and their concerns may be valid.
Shoving them in prison under democratic regimes sends the message of clear
political oppression of Rights to free association and rights to assembly.

Tiernan Book
Tiernan Book

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