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Grassroots Women Protests CAFTA

category international | gender and sexuality | other press author Thursday August 16, 2007 10:47author by Chris Murray

and Monthly isiswomen report on Trade and Equality.

The We! publication of Isis women, based in the Phillipines is now out.
It, as usual, draws together the threads of globalised resistance and how Western and
globalised economic movements effect emergent democracies and economies. is affiliated to the European Feminist Forum and runs
a radio service and links to feminists in Iran, Costa Rica, Iraq and globally.
This months issue focuses on the movement for Changes in the UN
Gender Architecture Reforms ; and the Movement against CAFTA.
Banner of Dreams
Banner of Dreams

"For the Women and the growing grassroots resistance movement in Costa Rica, CAFTA poses
a threat to their country's democracy and the environment. They say that it would dismantle the
social welfare system of the Country through extensive privatisation of essential services
and contribute to growing poverty and inequality".

CAFTA will extend the unequal distribution of resources experienced under the
North American Free Trade Agreement.(NAFTA)

Info on:-

This link has the banner story;- 'Mujeres Contral el TLC', which can be seen in the images

The Movements Within report on reforming the UN gender Architecture is on;-

Interview with Human rights defender Mary Jane real on Women's Engagement with
UN Human Rights Council is available through the isiswomen website.
There is also a report on the Anti-FTA protests in the Phillipines on the site.
The last link published on included the request for papers from activist feminist women
and links to the free radio lobby who are agigtating for extension of rights to community radio advocates
which is being shoved out of the market by the commercial stations. The activists in Oaxaca
have appealed for Constitutional change to communications laws to ameliorate community
radio broadcast for democratic movements. (AMARC)

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