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category international | history and heritage | event notice author Saturday August 04, 2007 20:18author by Tarapixie - www.tarapixie.netauthor phone 0861758557

Get ya arse to tara this tues!!!

A Call From
The Ancient City Of
To Gather All Warriors Of The Earth
To Defend And Sanctify
The Valley of The White Mare

Your Presence is Urgently Needed On
Tuesday 7Th August

This place in county Meath Ireland is the location of a recently discovered Prehistoric Wood Henge

This Henge is the oldest astronomical observatory yet found anywhere in the world

The Irish Government M3 Motorway is routed directly through the Henge and a further one hundred and forty plus sacred sites. Common sense will tell you that the valley is of profound importance locally, nationally and internationally. Initial excavations by archaeological consultancy services Ltd (funded by the NRA national roads authority) revealed a ceremonial burial chamber at the centre of the 80m diameter complex. The grave contained the bones of a woman adorned with gold necklace and bracelets. It also contained the bones of a large hunting dog and horse. She had been buried with the utmost respect and full ceremonial honours. A Queen or Priestess of high regard. These remains have been removed and relocated to A.C.S Ltds warehouse on the outskirts of Dublin. No mention of this reached the media Why??
We Need You Now!
The Tara Skyrne valley is a key to all of our pasts
The NRA plans to move on the Henge on Tuesday 7th August
At 5Am
If we cannot show our presence in physical numbers this sacred Site will be gone
Contact: Tara solidarity vigil no. (00353) 861758557

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