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category international | history and heritage | event notice author Saturday August 04, 2007 20:18author by Tarapixie - www.tarapixie.netauthor phone 0861758557

Get ya arse to tara this tues!!!

A Call From
The Ancient City Of
To Gather All Warriors Of The Earth
To Defend And Sanctify
The Valley of The White Mare

Your Presence is Urgently Needed On
Tuesday 7Th August

This place in county Meath Ireland is the location of a recently discovered Prehistoric Wood Henge

This Henge is the oldest astronomical observatory yet found anywhere in the world

The Irish Government M3 Motorway is routed directly through the Henge and a further one hundred and forty plus sacred sites. Common sense will tell you that the valley is of profound importance locally, nationally and internationally. Initial excavations by archaeological consultancy services Ltd (funded by the NRA national roads authority) revealed a ceremonial burial chamber at the centre of the 80m diameter complex. The grave contained the bones of a woman adorned with gold necklace and bracelets. It also contained the bones of a large hunting dog and horse. She had been buried with the utmost respect and full ceremonial honours. A Queen or Priestess of high regard. These remains have been removed and relocated to A.C.S Ltds warehouse on the outskirts of Dublin. No mention of this reached the media Why??
We Need You Now!
The Tara Skyrne valley is a key to all of our pasts
The NRA plans to move on the Henge on Tuesday 7th August
At 5Am
If we cannot show our presence in physical numbers this sacred Site will be gone
Contact: Tara solidarity vigil no. (00353) 861758557

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author by Michael Martin - TaraWatchpublication date Sat Aug 04, 2007 23:03author address author phone

TaraWatch fully endorses and supports above call for the defence of the last site in the Gabhra Valley the government thugs haven't yet managed to destroy . Some of our people already indicated that they will be heading out to Lismullin for Tuesday morning.

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author by Susan Repasky - Flicker Light Studiopublication date Sun Aug 05, 2007 20:49author address author phone

I have posted a link to this article on the Yahoo TaraSOS group site. Hopefully there will be many responses to your plea! May all that is sacred and holy be with you and all involved! May I have your permission to publish this elsewhere? Please let me know!
Bright Blessings,

author by Roestownpublication date Mon Aug 06, 2007 01:23author address author phone

of inaccuracies. There is no evidence at all of a woman buried at
the henge - at least not that anyone in authority knows about. Never
mind the necklace or bracelets or the horse. There were rumours of a
Secondly, the situation at Rath Lugh is absolutely criminal.
The excavation of the henge is for the good of the monument but now the
NRA are trying to prove that Rath Lugh is not where everyone says it is.
On foot of that they are moving the fencing line at least 6 if not 12
feet further in. This is criminal damage to a monument and do not get
distracted by the henge, what is happening at Rath Lugh is critical and
they may begin this destruction at the same time as the excavations
because we will all get distracted.

Photos when time allows

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author by Michael Martin - TaraWatchpublication date Mon Aug 06, 2007 02:12author address author phone

I fully agree with what Roestown is saying about Rath Lugh. I inspected the site in early January, and judging by the red and white construction-site plastic tape which has been draped between some of the trees I concluded that tree-felling and earth-removal was far from over at Rath Lugh. But unfortunately nobody took any notice of my warnings.

An archaeologist verbally confirmed to me that a skeleton of a woman indeed has been discovered near the henge of Lismullin . The bones were scattered all over the place, either done by constant plowing or by animals who tore the body apart. But I didn't see any remains myself and have to rely on the story told by the archaeologist in question.

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author by Susan Repasky - Flicker Light Studiopublication date Mon Aug 06, 2007 03:15author email art at tomandsusan dot usauthor address author phone

Thank you both for the corrections, and thank you to Michael for affirming the potential of the unearthed female. It is difficult for me to see from where I am what exactly is happening on the "construction" sites. I will be careful to investigate further next time. However, I still feel that it is urgent that ALL of the "construction" sites are populated by those who are able.

Blessings to all who are involved.

Susan (Sheehan) Repasky

author by Roestownpublication date Mon Aug 06, 2007 11:48author address author phone

here is a link to the latest photos:

The archaeological company when asked about bodies being found said that there were the remains of two bodies around the henge area. They were disturbed and it was not possible at the time to say if they were male or female.

Secondly, there have been rumours about the finding of a horse. This has been denied by the archaeological company as well - they say it was a relatively modern cow.

Can they be believed however?

New marker in the trees
New marker in the trees

New marker says "fence"
New marker says "fence"

author by Donkeyonamissionpublication date Tue Aug 07, 2007 00:20author address author phone

Rath Lugh today.
If you look at the line of fences marking the line edge of the proposed road, they will need to be even more of Rath Lugh removed. A protected National Monument that fell off the map.

Rath Lugh 06-08-07
Rath Lugh 06-08-07


author by Donkeyonamissionpublication date Tue Aug 07, 2007 00:30author address author phone

Oops- I have no idea where that picture above came from- it is not from my camera or PC!?
This photo shows the line of the fences and the further destruction of the monument required to complete the road.


author by Roestownpublication date Tue Aug 07, 2007 00:37author address author phone

in the Photobucket link provided in the message above.
It would appear that they are contemplating taking about 6-12 feet further off Rath Lugh area.
Look what they were saying back in January when there was a row about what was going on then as well.

The NRA are now disputing where the monument actually begins.
There is no end to these people's duplicity .....................

author by it's all a conspiracy! isn't it? just nodpublication date Wed Aug 08, 2007 20:21author address author phone

"woman adorned with gold necklace and bracelets" - where do you get such shit.

but i suppose if you want to believe it, you will. won't you?

author by Susan Repasky - Flicker Light Studiopublication date Wed Aug 08, 2007 20:53author address author phone

What if, Just Nod, these artifacts/remains exist? Even if they don't, the site is a treasure to be cared for, not destroyed.

View From The Hill of Tara
View From The Hill of Tara

author by major Tompublication date Fri Aug 10, 2007 00:12author address author phone

*tarapixie wants you to check out this video:*
This is an interview with Dr. Conor Newman - Head of Archaeology for
this project. He discusses the impact of the destruction done to the
Wooden Henge at Lismullen, and the possible damage that will be caused
to the rath at Rath Lugh.

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author by Susan Repasky - Flicker Light Studiopublication date Fri Aug 10, 2007 01:11author address author phone

Thank you for posting this link.

Susan Isabella Sheehan-Repasky

I have always taken a lesson from something that was told me by a sound man, that is, that everyone, Republican or otherwise, has his own particular part to play. No part is too great or too small, no one is too old or too young to do something. Bobby Sands March 9, 1954 to May 5, 1981

author by KOMpublication date Sat Aug 11, 2007 10:24author address author phone

Call for Donga for Rathlugh - This is a short video showing the ongoing destruction on this beautiful woodland within the rath at Rath Lugh, a national monument in the Tara Skryne more... Valley. It is important to highlight that the whole structure including glacial slide is under severe threat if the dozers take the side of this monument.

Interview with J.P. Fay - Here is a short video interview with J.P. Fay, an independent activist who has been working on an alternative route for the proposed M3. He more... discusses some of the blatant disregard to our heritage and talks about the effects it will have on future generations to come. Photo Gallery - New images uploaded.

author by Michael Martin - TaraWatchpublication date Sun Aug 12, 2007 12:55author address author phone

Government thugs are now putting pressure on J.P. Fay, the guy featured in a video posted in the previous message., who runs the information caravan from the public car park on the Hill of Tara. He was visited by members of Meath County Council backed by An Garda Siochana, who gave him till next Tuesday to remove his caravan. Tthey claim the caravan is being used for "advertising", which, according to those thugs, violates one or the other section of the Roads Traffic Act! This is yet another example of government terror against concerned citizens and police-enforced enfringements of our constitutional right s to peaceful assembly and freedom of speech!

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author by trail blazerpublication date Sun Aug 12, 2007 14:28author address author phone

Well good for Meath County Council because JP's caravan is certainly an eyesore!

author by Carmel Ni Dhuibheanaigh - Hibernian Order of Druidspublication date Mon Aug 13, 2007 18:18author address author phone

Well said Michael. Terrible what they are doing. JP is an unstoppable wealth of information and a tireless worker for Tara. Full support to him and hope to see him back there soon. There will be a way :)


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