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Call for an Inquiry into Treatment of Tara Campaigners

category national | crime and justice | opinion/analysis author Saturday July 28, 2007 11:05author by Caller

Assault and Brutalisation

The images of the assault of a young woman campaigner at one of the 38
archaelogical sites on the route of the Proposed M3 by members of a private company;
and the criminalisation of those campaigners who have given time and energy
to forwarding awareness of the ecological and heritage implications of the
bi-section of the Gabhra Valley necessitates inquiry.

John Gormley has stated that his hands are tied and he can do nothing 'unless
something new comes up'. Well ,his hands may be tied but they have not been
placed in handcuffs for asserting the individuals right to protest. He has not been
jailed for conscientous objection.

I am calling on John Gormley to meet with the eight people who have been criminalised
and to speak to them about the brutal attacks that we have witnessed on this newswire.
The concerns of the campaigns regarding the liscensing of the 38 sites, the abuse of
mandate by Minister Roche and the failure of his Dept to engage with the issue.

Disney land
Disney land

Something new has come up. The contractors for the sites have physically assaulted campaigners
and the EU petitions Committee have queried the lack of protections of the sites. It is not
enough to say that a new archaeological discovery will halt the works , but that the people who
have consistently highlighted the criminality of the M3 decision have for their trouble been
injured- the Minister for the Environment has sat by and regarded the issue without lifting a
finger- is it acceptable to the Minister that those people who are working to raise awareness
of the issues are brutalised? Does he put the discovery of a new site before the health and
safety of a citizen of this country? Is he aware of the physical danger that the people have endured?

The works must halt and the Minister must speak with the campaigners.

Minister Gormley, will you await the serious injury or death of a conscientous objector before
calling a halt to these works?

The Irish times News Review has a three person interview on the M3 issue today.
A commissoner of peace and designated prison visiting committee inspector has
visited with the eight arrested campaigner, I suggest Minister Gormley contact him.
There have been no moves by the Dept to reverse the abolition of Duchas and
whilst Minister Gormley has met with EU reps he has not met with the people on the

It is beholden upon the Minister for the Environment to meet with and respect the
people who have suffered so much to highlight the issue of heritage destruction
in this State. He may give ear to their concerns and look at the evidence of
brutality that has been excerised on them by a group of contractors working for
a private construction company.

Call an inquiry into the treatment of Irish people by a private firm or the victims of
the brutality may have to initiate it themselves through the Irish courts- afterall the
victims right to redress is guaranteed.

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