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Anti-authoritarian kids group!

category dublin | rights, freedoms and repression | event notice author Thursday July 26, 2007 10:57author by Parent

Whether you are a parent or just interested in kids, come along to talk about kids, different ways to practice parenting organise childcare and relate to education.

Anti-authoritarian kids group

Sunday 3pm
Seomra Spraoi
4 Mary's Abbey, on the Luas tracks, just off Capel St., grey door on the right, just opposite Gary Rhodes restaurant.

This is the initial meeting, with a hope to move forward into more regular get-togethers - weekly or monthly, possibly even longer-term projects around childcare/education.
Bring the kids and toys/snacks to share.

The Seomra Spraoi cafe is on from 2, so come earlier if you want a cheap meal!

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author by Mum of 2publication date Thu Jul 26, 2007 11:08author address author phone

Can you expand on what you mean by anti-authoritarian please?

Is this regarding disciplinary issues

author by a-apublication date Thu Jul 26, 2007 11:24author address author phone

means being -anti authority- in a creative and friendly way

someday the boys will probably recognise that mothers need a bit of it too and have voices too
but at the moment political action (as always) revolve around the idea that men alone can change
the world

I think the empty vessels make the most noise.

Google yer Questions

author by Paul J.publication date Thu Jul 26, 2007 14:23author address author phone

Can you provide a bit more info. You call it a kids group, but it is for parents? Is it really about anti authoritarian parenting?

Is it for grown ups, or for children?

Do you have a website or anything that explains it more clearly?

author by parentpublication date Thu Jul 26, 2007 19:07author address author phone

this is an informal get-together for parents and other interested parties to talk about the challenges we face bringing up kids in this crazy world. kids are also coming because it's all about them and cos one of the challenges we face in this crazy world is childcare ;-) - also so they can meet and play with each other.

there's no website, and no programme, because no-one knows what will come of this. step one is meeting to have a chat. it is being publicised here on indy so that anyone who is interested can come along (or be inspired to start something similar in their own locality).

the name is just a name (possibly a pun on the anti-authoritarian assembies i dunno) or just reflecting the fact that we are anarchists and anti-authoritarian in outlook. funny how shocking/difficult that is when extended to our children! anyway, nothing has been agreed on - not even the name.

the day should be friendly, fun and refreshing. come along and let's talk if you're interested.

author by madam kpublication date Thu Jul 26, 2007 21:23author address author phone

great that this is happening , drama groups , video workshops ,parent support,prisoner solidarity,FUN! The possibility's!

Great space ,cant be thereTHIS time but hopefully next .

author by Boopublication date Thu Jul 26, 2007 22:24author address author phone

It turns out that the cafe will NOT be running on sunday - so no cheap food ;-)

author by Donpublication date Fri Jul 27, 2007 04:14author address author phone

I usually kids should go to pro-authority groups. First scouts then try to promote voluteering in the Irish defence.

My theory is that teenagers rebel cause they want to be the authority. So show them that they can be.

author by pro-authority?publication date Fri Jul 27, 2007 10:37author address author phone

The hierarchical male group is limited by the brains of the so-called leaders. Many of them know and use the
systemised institutions in order to forward their interests and also to hide within when things 'go wrong'.
The institution hides the humanity of the person and provides convenient shelter. pro- authority groups
who develop ritualised methods of becoming impersonal tend to mitgate against the individual- they are rogues.
look at the male cliques that dominate our political and legal systems and how they really hide the shite.
look at who they hide:- Dr Neary, Brenda Smith, Liam Lawlor.
usage and verbiage- the individual must strengthen to take on this claptrap. not hide their gifts within
the fear structures that dominate irish mafia society.

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