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Boycott Israeli spuds

category dublin | anti-war / imperialism | news report author Friday July 20, 2007 17:24author by David L - IPSC

IPSC Picket at Dunnes

On Thursday evening, IPSC took to the streets again in our boycott Israeli potatoes campaign. This time the target was Dunnes Stores on George’s St, where we handed out over 500 leaflets in an hour, informing people about the presence of Israeli potatoes on Irish shelves, and why they should join the boycott campaign.
Ouside Dunne's Stores, Georges Street
Ouside Dunne's Stores, Georges Street

Shoppers and passers-by were interested – often wondering: ‘Why Israeli spuds?’ Answer: they’re often grown on Palestinian land using water stolen from West Bank aquifers. Also, there’s an international boycott campaign against Israel until they abide by international law and end their apartheid rule over Palestinians.

Just as we were about to leave, the management got a bit irked and called the police. The gardai duly came, but clearly weren’t going to do anything about people who were peacefully leafleting. When the management saw this they relented and started talking to us, letting us explain why we were there. One fellow suggested several times we should really be outside Marks and Spencers, since they have loads more Israeli goods! We parted on good terms, having distributed some leaflets to the staff, explaining why we were there.

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