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Shell to Sea halt work at Bellanaboy

category mayo | environment | news report author Friday July 13, 2007 10:15author by Shell to Sea

A number of Shell to Sea campaigners have established a non-violent blockade of the road leading to the proposed gas refinery site at Bellanaboy. Two protestors are ‘locked on’ to an immobilized vehicle, preventing access to the site.

“It is vital for the preservation of Erris and the protection of its people that all work on this destructive and exploitative project be stopped immediately. Despite a contemptible strategy by the authorities that either ignores or maliciously persecutes those opposing the project, residents remain resolute in their opposition.” says John Monaghan

This action comes in the wake of the conviction of three local residents on a charge of assault, a charge they vigorously deny. The judges’ verdict has been met with surprise and chagrin from the community.

Today Shell to Sea supporters are clearly demonstrating that they will not be deterred by Gardai violence or false imprisonment.

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