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Tara is Saved – Praise Gormley

category national | history and heritage | opinion/analysis author Saturday June 16, 2007 23:16author by Guy de Cervens

What is taking place as regards Tara is only the first act of deceit by the Green Party, SINCE starting to prop up Berties Government.

This is how it goes:

A Henge was discovered near Tara on the proposed motorway route before the election

This Henge is of global heritage significance and dwarfs Newgrange. It means the road must bend to avoid it. MUST!

The government realises the game is up but plays for time. How can they play this?

When the Greens are worried they will lose their support base because of their sell out, Berties delegation assures them there is a trick that will make them look like knights in shining armour to their supporters just about the time their supporters have expended all their anger at the sell out.

Roache is told to sign the ‘build over’ document as Greens negotiate with his pals. How can Gormless save Tara if it was already saved by the Henge?

It was Berties way to get the Greens to agree to prop him up. They will now start to seem interested in reversing Roaches decision and they will indeed ‘protest too much’.

Ultimately, what was obvious the moment the Henge was discovered will be sold as a great victory for the Greens? Their decision to enter government will seem justified and soft brained naive souls will believe it was Gormless that saved Tara.

I am telling you now it is a set up. Much as they want to proceed with the route, it is impossible. But Bertie was never a man to miss an opportunity to milk a situation. Look how well the Greens learn?

Sit back and watch the show!

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