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The Greens negotiate.....but what is the symbiosis

category national | rights, freedoms and repression | opinion/analysis author Thursday June 07, 2007 21:50author by Kevin T. Walsh - Social Justice and Ethics Report this post to the editors

Underclass formation

As I watch with admiration the grass root activists in Helligendmm, Germany, yesterday - the young students protesting against world poverty and being cordoned off by heavy handed police. Well done to these young people who have no agenda but raw passing against global poverty.

In the meantime behind the ring of steel, Bono (Dwarf), and Geldof (cute whore capitalist from property) in his own right sit down with Bush to a five course meal exclusive company and fine wines. I ask the question tonight if the students outside are protesting against who is sitting inside, who do Bono Dwarf and Geldof actually speak for and what is there charade and ego trip all about. Surely, the bluff must stop somewhere.

A greenpeace small boat was mowed through by a police boat today while Bono had his fine glass of wine and while John Gormley in his new Armani suit (Louis Copeland design) plays poker with the Devil during his four course meal. It even disgusted the first Green TD, Garland, today. who has subtlely for years been sidelined by the middle Greens.

Again, I ask the question what does the Dwarf and Geldof stand for? We have Sir Bob and we have Bono knighted yet at night he cries to Ally Hewson - I would give Euros 75 m. to gain 3 " - My God, I would dread to see Bono standing at 5' 2".

What ends will these people go to the expense of the impoverished to enhance their profile and their egos?

As one caller on Drive time said today, if the Greens sideline tara, they will be destroyed forever.

Now lets read the Greens Manifesto:

1. Transport.

2. Donations to political parties

3. tara

4. Developers and re-zoning

5. Helping the habitat and Hedgerows throughout Ireland

6. No to co-Location re. Hospitals!!!

Now let's look at Berties Manifesto

Power at any price!!!

Times of intrique lie ahead.

Yesterday in Cabra, an 80 year old man was evicted from his home by the Co. Council. Mr. Clarke on behalf of the Council said, one year ago, we cancelled this eviction on humane grounds - why were the resources particularly from the Health Service to ensure the rights of this 80 year old man. One simple question, where are the social workers and public health nurses who work in line with the Co. Councils and Hospitals? I can tell you about D4 at Baggot Street,, they can be found looking through holiday brochures or taking calls i.e. personal.

As John Gormley has found out now Bertie may drink Green tea but he is no Green. Yesterday, at McDowell's final Cabinet meeting, he made a speech - the words were 'If only I had another 6 months, I would eliminated Gangland, Rapes, Murders, Drug Lords and bring Ireland in line with Turkey on Human Rights issues.

It is said that Bertie fainted and was rushed to the auspices of his PR contingent. - Terri.

I will hand this over to Michelle by saying that there have been sightings of a PUMA i.e. a large Cat on the border over the last few years. Normally the Puma is black with bright eyes but this new Puma is Green. Now what does this tell you?.......and one more thing, he has never been caught by Bertie....

Please don't forget the underclass even if it means you have to raise taxes on holiday homes.

Foreign investors we need but don't make it so easy for them to have a 'Virgin Island/Barbados' no lax lifestyle at the expense of Irish people. At least, O'Leary, if he has an Opnion, is entitled to have it as he pays his tax in this country, and a lot of it.

Reform Tax and Charities. Make Government bodies who repesent people with Disabilities accountable for what they spend. Research is needed but not to the extent that we have fan clubs propping up each others' often addicted egos'.

Health. Stop the nonsense of the US style health system. Listen to people like Professor Lynch who worked in the US in neurology, who worked in Colombia Hospital and then went to work in Harlem Hospital. Let's use the head. A good head working from a car is better than someone hidden behind a desk in a plush office. Listen to Professor Crown. Ireland has long nurtured its public health model and why forsake it for profit to developers, investors. Look back on the Social history of the hospitals, the nuns, the doctors, Noel Browne, Kathleen Lynn and so many others.

Health insurace - Bupa, VHI, Quinn Direct. Do we want to be like the US where employers cover the health needs of their employees, and the outcome is a mediocre system for 55% and the rest with no cover.....just an underclass.

Mental Health.......Shame.....I will not even write anymore about this. Indymedia can be resource base of my personal experiences about a Health system that is so embarrassed by its patients that we may be back in the 1930's with the diagnosis of TB when people literally and savagely pushed those infected out of rural villages. Listen to some old people and hear for a change. Shame on this section of the profession of medicine, nursing.

Finally, Addictions - drug, alcohol, - ask the question do you really care or is it that the formation of an underclass suits the coffers of Government. Think of it, if a homeless person begs and receives money, it flows directly back through drink, cigarettes and a hostel bed. Who cares about people?

I will close by saying - in the real world, if my wife owed Euros 2.5 m and had 5 small companies wound down by the courts, I would have to sell the family home to pay the debts but in Disney Land, the Ginger Cat Ali had her companies wound down some months ago and the mouse Bono came out of his little hole and signed the checks and he whispered it is okay Ginger, it is only Euros after all. By moving to Holland, we can offset the losses yet maintain a residence in Ireland.

As for the female Independent who is in treaty to form the new government - what about the outstanding payment that could to bankruptcy?

Kevin T. Walsh
Michelle Clarke

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